Windows Phone 8S

The Windows Phone 8S is a smartphone that showcases the beauty of the Windows 8 operating system with a simple design and elegant user interface. With its iconic design and bold color options, the 8S caters to a diverse audience looking for a smartphone that expresses their individuality.

Beauty and quality were uncompromised, despite the aggressive pricing of this phone, bringing a stunning piece of hardware and a fresh look, design and user interface to the consumer. 

The design inspiration came from a desire to create a smartphone that perfectly embodies the digital experience on screen, taking the smartphone to a whole new level. One of the ways this was done was by figuring out a means to capture the beauty and originality of the Windows Phone and bring the innovative platform the attention it deserves. The goal was also to create a phone that would mimic the simplicity of the Windows Phone, yet stand out as an icon in an oversaturated smartphone market while maintaining its level of affordability. Another point of inspiration came from the colorful impact of Window Tiles. The Windows Phone 8S infuses a similar vibrancy into the hardware design without appearing naïve and cheap.

The Windows Phone 8S embodies harmony between the physical and digital experience for the user. In order to achieve this harmony, the design of the smartphone mirrors the essence of Microsoft ‘s Live Tile: an ever-changing, informational tile at the heart of the interface. This was accomplished by creating a square silhouette that reflectes the thinness and lightness of the Live Tiles. Windows Phone 8S stays true to the Windows Phone design aesthetic with its soft yet square form.  

Technology has seen a revolution in which intelligent products can now look less serious and be more expressive. This is most apparent in the vivid colors of the Windows Phone 8S. The 8S has a playful twist that brings vivid, bold color to the forefront by showing off a bright color “dip,” giving the appearance of having been dipped in a bucket of paint. This creates stylish color combinations that capture a youthful and expressive demographic.   

Never before has hardware so artfully portrayed the spirit of a software interface. The pure, refined form and vibrant colors of the Windows Phone 8S presents a dazzling launch vehicle for a new operating system that will wow users.


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