Tom Tom Go Live 1000

The TomTom Go Live 1000 portable satellite navigation system delivers cutting-edge technology and enhanced usability for people who love driving but hate traffic. The mount and cable attachment system use magnets and flexible arrangements to ensure optimum usability while ensuring a secure connection. The user interface design provides an intuitive, clutter-free functionality, allowing the right information and the right features to be available at the right time.

"This exemplifies what designers do. Take a great product and make it better by understanding what people need and what the company needs, then bringing it to life with world-class execution across the entire experience - hardware, software and service."-Sam Lucente, IDSA, Designer

Credits: Morten Warren I/IDSA, Marcus Hoggarth, Thomas Kleist, Jin Sang Hwang, Liam O'Brien, Tony Ferreira, Mads Koser, Pavel Pivonka of Native Design Ltd. (United Kingdom) and Ken McAlpine, Daniel Browning, Marco Bakker and Hayley Gaulton of TomTom International B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  

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