HTC Droid Incredible

Like skin over muscle or bulging hood scoops over the engine of a 1960s-era muscle car, Droid Incredible smartphone was designed to reflect the power inside. The area that most highlights this design philosophy is the sculpting on the back surface. While it creates a rich tactile experience in the hand, it was actually created by precisely wrapping the interior components (processor, battery, PCB and other components) that provide the power and magic of the experience.

"With the operating software dominating the experience of using a smartphone, it is challenging to differentiate in this crowded competitive market, but this time design comes through as a competitive tool for HTC. With its technology form fitting surfaces, this phone creatively imbues the hardware with a sense of the high end performance it delivers. And, the Sense custom ANDROID user interface “skin” brings people a more friendly mobile experience."- Sam Lucente, IDSA, Designer

Credits: One & Co Design Team

Contact: Yujin Kawase: