goTenna is game-changing technology that pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, allowing you to text and share your location with anyone who has the device, even if you have no service, by sending information over VHF radio waves. It’s a decentralized, secure radio antenna for your smartphone  with complete end-to-end encryption. No service? No towers? No satellites? No problem! It can be used in hiking and skiing outside of a network; emergency situations in which the network is down; an overcrowded network at a music festival or a conference; and during international travel to avoid roaming network charges.

Designed by: Mark Prommel, IDSA, Marco Perry, IDSA, Peter Chung, Lisa Yanz Lehman, IDSA and Chad Ingerick of Pensa; and Daniela Perdomo and Jorge Perdomo of goTenna

Contact: Maja Hamberg