Commercial & Industrial Products


The OCP ALMOND is a personal 3D printer. Its patented nozzle design produces high-resolution printing, while auto-leveling technology easily adjusts the build base for the convenience of general users without professional knowledge.

Designed by Moonchul Kim of OPENCREATORS

Contact: Min Hyuck Kang -


ECF Traffic System

The ECF traffic system is a new kind of traffic control terminal. Each module has the same shape but can serve different purposes. The modules can be combined and installed freely according to traffic conditions, and they are easy to maintain. The continuity in shape makes it is easy for people to pick out the different signal cues and instructions.

Designed by Ren Mingjun of EVEN design

Contact: Han Like -


Olli™ Retail

Olli Retail is a handheld mobile point-of-sale device that pairs an iPhone or iPod Touch with barcode scanning and credit card processing technology in an impact-resistant shell. Olli is designed and intended for businesses and point-of-sale needs for small to large retail establishments. Olli helps retailers expedite customers through the checkout process away from static point-of-sale terminals. 

Designed by J. Curtis, Gene Duarte, Jennifer Murphy and David Reynolds, IDSA of Griffin Technology

Contact: Jennifer Murphy -


Tennant B5 Floor Burnisher

Give your commercial flooring a uniform high-gloss shine with the Tennant B5 Floor Burnisher. The B5 is a compact, emission-free battery-powered machine. The burnishing head pivots upward 90 degrees and locks in place to make maintenance a snap. Multiple hand positions, unique color-coded markers and an on-board manual ensure easy operation for users of all skill levels.

Designed by John Ickes and Peter Tabeling of Tennant Co.; and Ryan Berger, Jeff Burger, Oren Shai and Chris Daniels of Priority Designs

Contact: Kathryn Lovik -


AutoSense Drill Driver

The AUTOSENSE DRILL DRIVER is a cordless drill driver for the home owner and DIY enthusiast. Instead of the common multiple-setting clutch collar, the AUTOSENSE uses an intuitive interface that requires the user to select from two basic operating modes: drill or drive. It features depth control, intuitive functionality and thoughtful design.

Designed by David Miller, Chris Shook, Sean Loveless, Alex Sergen, Jeff Ng, Mike Walstrum, Steve Qin, Jason McRoberts, Matt Nestorick, Steve Phillips, Mike Cannaliato and the Industrial Design team of BLACK + DECKER

Contact: Jason Busschaert -


Stanley FatMax 24" Magnetic Level

A solid metallic look, unbreakable, easy-to-read vials, smooth flush side and rugged rubber end caps did just what the client wanted: captured a larger share of the high-end level market. Snapped in components reduced production costs and sped up assembly.

Contact: Gary Van Deursen, IDSA,
The Stanley Works,

Designers: The Stanley Works


Client: MAN Roland, Germany

Silent, clean and economical, laser printing technology is a significant industry breakthrough and the design of this laser press establishes a new paradigm for the technology. Dicoweb's architecture is expressive of a digital sequential process that requires little operator control.

Contact: George Teodorescu,
I/IDSA, Tesign,
+49 2246 9489 15;

Designers: Tesign, Germany

M/D Totco V-ICIS

Client: M/D Totco

M/D Totco was the leading manufacturer of offshore drilling rigs but not necessarily of the workstations on the rigs. This new ergonomic workstation earned them industry leadership with its aesthetic and physical improvements.

Contact: Chris Cavello, IDSA,
Design Edge,

Designers: Design Edge

Cadant C4 Cable Modem Termination Systems

Client: Cadant, Inc.

Even the most well engineered technical product can benefit from design and Cadant realized this when it called Ignite Design to energize the form and presence of its cable modem termination system. The new design captured twice the orders expected at the Western Cable Show.

Contact: Brian Furlong,
Ignite Design,
312.432.6223 ext. 141;

Designers:Ignite Design

Gitzo video head G2380

Client: Gruppo Manfrotto, Italy

The fluid head is the universal link between the tripod and the camera and permits seamless movement by tilting forward and backward and by panning left and right. This new fluid head for digital video cameras corrects ergonomic problems with existing fluid heads by locating both knobs on one side and keeping the design as simple as possible.

Contact: Rufus Albermarle,
IDSA, Rufus Albermarle, Ltd.,

Designers: Rufus Albemarle Ltd., Gruppo Manfrotto, Italy, and Bogen, USA