Commercial & Industrial Products

Tennant T600 Professional Floor Scrubber

The T600 is a walk-behind commercial floor scrubber. It features on-board generation of a cleaning solution that does not require additional chemicals or detergents. The design emphasizes ease of use by integrating training aids such as color-coded controls, maintenance touchpoints and useful features such as trash bag and spray bottle holders. A touch-screen interface allows operators to create and save preset machine settings and watch instructional videos about machine operation and maintenance.

Designed by: John Ickes, IDSA, Frank Sterpka and Toufong Lo of Tennant Co.


WP 3010 Pallet Truck

Crown’s WP 3010 Pallet Truck sets a new benchmark for product quality and purposeful design, and makes lifting and moving heavy pallets easier than ever. Users appreciate the professional look and feel, and are more confident because of its excellent fork visibility and the integrated strap that helps secure unstable loads. The WP 3010 incorporates beautifully formed and robust steel covers that are 100 percent recyclable. The result is a best-in-class product designed with industrial performance standards, a user-friendly design and new levels of sustainability.

Designed by: Christoph Babel, Christian Molnar and Jim Kraimer of Crown Equipment Corp.



Xpoweris a tracking system that changes the conventional way we access electricity. The power track is embedded with the electrical wiring and can be placed according to user needs. Combined with the modular socket plugs, Xpower provides a better and more flexible way of connecting to the power grid.

Designed by: Wenting Zhu, Guoxin Wu, Yihong Gan, Nan Luo and Xiaoqiao Shen of Ayu Design for Shanutec Co., Ltd.

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P-Ruler is a new measuring tool designed for use in building and decorating. With the simple principles of optics, the projector shows the data of a ruler on the wall or ground. It means you can get instant information on targets about length, angles and distance. All you have to do is urn it on and point to the object—then you get the data!

Designed by: Yu-Chung Chang of Birmingham City University

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Pack Master PA7

Pack Master PA7 is an innovative refuse vehicle that improves the efficiency, physical labor and safety of collecting garbage on narrow streets. It incorporates a powerful press into a compact body only 1,850 mm wide. PA7 is designed ergonomically. It features a hopper door that can be opened/closed easily with one hand, and a low loading bay only 700 mm off the ground. The rear of the truck features a taillight/indicator cluster that is raised off the body above the hopper door, to make it easily visible to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Designed by: Koichi Kondo of MORITA HOLDINGS CORPORATION, Satoshi Kiyohara and Toru Nishimura of MORITA-ECONOS CORPORATION

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NCR Fastlane SelfServ Checkout

NCR Fastlane SelfServ is a compact self-service and assisted-service checkout terminal suitable for a wide range of retailer types. It offers consumers a more flexible and efficient way to scan, bag and pay for items. Highly adaptable—the retailer can choose from no bag or one-, two- or three-bag configurations. The NCR Fastlane SelfServ addresses the operational needs of retailers in a compact footprint. There are optional input belts which give shoppers more space to unload items at checkout, and cash management advancements such as bunch note recycling and recycling support for up to eight coin denominations.

Designed by: Kwan Lee and Jaan Lin of NCR User Centred Design for NCR Corporation

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The GameChanger™ Q-LED Sports Light

Qualite Sports Lighting has created a exciting new LED sports light called GameChanger™ Q-LED. It is the first high performance sports lighting system designed for all sports venues, with a focus on a revolutionary form factor, great IoT connectivity/functionality (a sports venue can even be run from your smartphone via an app). All this, at roughly half the cost of conventional lighting systems and their installation. Built in 500 and 1000 watt assemblies, GameChanger™ can be built as a new system or retrofitted to existing venue pole systems, giving the design ultimate flexibility for new and existing field situations.

Designed by:  Barry Hutzel of Bazza Design for Qualite Sports Lighting LLC

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Digital Protection Relay MELPRO- D Series

Digital Protection Relay MELPRO- D Series detects shorting and ground fault failures in electric power system equipment in office buildings, factories, etc. They also aim to prevent those failures from impacting other locations, by sending control signals to every circuit breaker in order to isolate the affected section from the electric power system. These products embody design for ease of use—featuring grips that allow easy dismounting of the main unit, a functional display that is easy to read even in dimly lit locations and more.

Designed by: Lee Hongkue , Hideto Iwamoto of Industrial Design Center for  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.


Cainiao xiao G

Cainiao xiao G is a logistics robot for solving the “last mile distribution problem” in the logistics industry. It’s run by CAINIAO supply Chain Management Company under the Alibaba group. It can read the address information on the package, then deliver the package to the recipient. It also offers functions such as autonomous route planning, obstacle avoidance, automatic elevator control and arrival notice.

Designed by: Zhipeng Xia, Kunkun Zheng, Yuan Li, Mingji Zhang, Tingxuan Zhu of LKK Design Co.,Ltd,Hangzhou

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Utility Bucket Light

The Utility Bucket Light sheds functional light on a work area that has been ignored from a product innovation standpoint. It offers utility linemen speed of attachment to any bucket lift with a versatile adjustment range to spotlight an electrical line to check for damage. It provides this function with a marginal footprint in their already cramped bucket while remaining safe for high-voltage and extreme weather conditions. It runs on rechargeable batteries for up to six hours of high-powered light.

Designed by: David Proeber, IDSA, Kyle Harvey, Justin Dorman, Timothy Lee and Jason Thurner of Milwaukee Tool

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