Commercial & Industrial Products

RADIUS™ Temporary Site Light

The RADIUS™ Temporary Site Light is an easy-to-set-up job-site light that can instantly illuminate the work space with 7,700 lumens, exceeding the performance of existing 105-watt fluorescent lights while consuming 30 percent less energy. Users can wire more lights per circuit on any voltage range between 120 and 277 with a quick-wire universal power supply. Once set up, the light requires no maintenance, and its high-impact construction ensures it will survive the toughest job-site conditions.

The RADIUS™ light features an optical design that delivers a consistent beam, optimized color temperature and true representation of color detail, leading to a more productive work area. It can hang from virtually any overhead area with its convenient hanging cable that features spring-loaded cable retention so the user can speed up the installation process and easily adjust the height of the light.

Designed by: Justin Dorman, David Proeber IDSA, and Kyle Harvey of Milwaukee Tool


Square Register

Square Register is a fully integrated point-of-sale system designed to work with any business. It is the first Square product that combines dedicated hardware, embedded software and integrated payment technology—all working together seamlessly. Merchants no longer have to manage multiple systems. Square Register has a bright extra-large seller display that helps merchants ring up transactions quickly and accurately. It also features a versatile customer display that can be docked to the Square Register or positioned separately. The customer display shows customers what they’re buying, lets them pay with any form of payment (contactless, chip and magstripe) and can prompt customers to sign up for digital receipts and loyalty programs. With its striking minimal form factor, Square Register is a hit with sellers, elevating their countertops with the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Designed by: Ben Chen of Square


Werner ProForm F3 Fall Protection Harness

Werner ProForm F3 is a premium fall-protection harness offering unmatched comfort. Understanding users’ needs in fall situations, the ProForm F3 significantly increases overall compliance and safety. The ProForm F3 improves breathability and reduces overall weight without compromising support by using a custom-developed textile. Traditionally after a fall, workers are suspended for hours awaiting rescue. As the first product to offer post-fall adjustability with relief cords, the ProForm F3 allows users to easily move into a seated position where they can remain safe until they are rescued. Workers will be properly equipped and lives will be saved with the Werner ProForm F3 Fall Protection Harness.

Designed by: KB Birdsall and Priority Designs for Werner Co.


Belkin Store and Charge Go

Belkin's Store and Charge Go is the ideal solution to store and charge multiple devices safely and conveniently in classrooms. One unit stores up to 10 devices and can be attached securely to a desktop or wall to save space. Removable five-compartment bins add quick and easy deployment. Housing all charging cables neatly within the base unit, Store and Charge Go offers a universal storage solution for Chromebook computers, laptops, tablets and more.

Designed by: Kenneth Mori, Abraham Camacho, Barry Sween, Thorben Neu and John Wadsworth of Belkin


Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 Rack Server

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 Rack Server is a general-purpose workhorse optimized for workload acceleration. A server is a central computer structure (hardware and software) to which other computers in a network are connected, allowing all computers in the network to share applications and communicate with each other. The new R740 was designed to maximize application performance and provide the perfect balance of accelerator cards, storage and compute resources in a 2U 2-socket platform.

Designed by: the Experience Design Group, Dell


FITT360 Security

The FITT360 Security is the first wearable 360-degree camera that can film in all directions. It is intended for security-related organizations such as military, private security and emergency services. The FITT360 Security was designed to eliminate the limitations of existing unidirectional cameras (e.g., chest-cam and CCTV), which leave blind spots because they record in only one direction. With the 360-degree recording capability centered on the wearer, the FITT360 can record data about every situation occurring in the vicinity of the user.

Designed by: Junse Kim, Munsu Byeon and Taegyun Kim of LINKFLOW


Mobile Inspection Assistant G60

The Mobile Inspection Assistant G60 is the world's first 3-in-1 handheld device, combining a thermal imager, a push-to-talk radio and a smartphone. It’s designed for industrial inspections, including electric power, building quality, firefighting, and rescue personnel, to increase efficiency and accuracy. It is a powerful handheld device with rich wireless communications and multidata collectivity. Ideal for working in harsh environments, the G60 is waterproof and dustproof, as well as protected by a rubber coating for shock and drop resistance up to 1.5 meters.

Designed by: Eric Lee, Liying Chen, Cheng-Cheng Chen, Joey Yeh and Tsung-Chih Yeh of AMobile Intelligent Corp., Ltd.


Nokia WPON Solution

Nokia’s Wireless PON (passive optical network) solution is an industry first that allows operators to bring gigabit services to customers using WiGig wireless technology, eliminating the need to bring fiber all the way to a home or building. The Nokia WPON includes a home wall portal device and access point that will bring faster connectivity. Nokia is attempting to target both urban and suburban environments by providing similar but faster capacity as GPON but with wireless evolution capability.

Designed by: Ben Avery, Anton Fahlgren, Fred Simon and Axel Meyer of Nokia Design for Nokia Fixed Networks



The SMARTWAITER W1 is an intelligent storage device for office food delivery that meets the different needs of the delivery personnel, company administrators, and employees. It identifies each order with an RFID tag, automatically notifies users to pick up their food and simplifies the process of delivery while reducing time and training costs. The energy-saving heating system separates the temperature-controlled areas for cold and hot food. The SMARTWAITER W1 welcomes people with its warm light and provides a delightful dining experience.

Designed by: Beijing Meican Qiaoda Technology and Beijing FromD Design Consultancy


Surface One

The Surface One is the first thermal spray-coating machine designed to enhance the properties of surfaces to, for example, improve heat and corrosion resistance. Compared to conventional systems, Surface One combines all necessary components in one standardized compact design. This significantly speeds up configuration and installation and ensures reliable and repeatable coatings. The machine fits into a shipping container and requires 20 percent less floor space.

Designed by: Alexander Sollberger, Alexander Michla and Andreas Pick of Oerlikon Metco AG and J.H.W. Stevens, P.R.P.C. Adrian and K. Schumacher of IDpartners