Commercial & Industrial Products

Panasonic Cordless Impact Driver

The Panasonic Cordless Impact Driver has a new robustness as a professional tool and new safety and user experience features thanks to its compact body; optimum center-balanced ergonomics; and reduction in weight. Users can work accurately, easily and quickly in small spaces for a long time without arm fatigue; employ different voltage batteries depending on the intended use; and brave severe environments in rain or dust.

Designed by: Kazuma Kubono, Edgardo Angelini, Chris Miller and Martin Franzen of Panasonic Corp. and Design Group Italia

Contact: Kazuma Kubono

MELSEC iQ-R Programmable Logic Controllers

MELSEC iQ-R series devices perform automated control of machinery. These are the flagship models of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s general purpose, programmable logic controllers (PLC) which are used in conjunction with engineering software for programming development and debugging.

MELSEC iQ-R series products are developed from a universal design perspective to be used not just by highly skilled technicians but also by entry-level technicians.  Displays make it easy to discern system states and interfaces that enable intuitive operation. Simply connecting a PC with the engineering software installed will initiate diagnostics. Heightened operation and visibility lead to improved work efficiency and troubleshooting, and a reduction in downtime  and operating errors.

Designed By: Takanori Miyake, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

GOT 2000 Series Programmable HMI Display Units

Programmable human-machine interface display units (HMIs) are devices used to operate and monitor production lines and other such systems. Beyond factory automation (FA), they also are used as control panels for interior environmental control and similar equipment. The GOT 2000 Series products pursue operability from the perspectives of the equipment and facility designers, and their users. They help raise work efficiency throughout the product cycle, and help reduce total costs.

The GOT 2000 Series also has a high degree of affinity with Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment for improved productivity. The MELSOFT GT Works3 screen design software can create attractive, easy-to-use interfaces tailored to applications. The series covers 8.4", 10.4", 12.1" and 15" sizes, in dark grey and white, to support a variety of application environments.

Designed by: Toshihisa Ogura, Takanori Miyake & Keisaku Fukuda for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


People's Choice: Tork Xpressnap® Image Napkin Dispensing System

The Tork Xpressnap® Image Napkin Dispensing System was created especially for design-conscious establishments. The premium napkin dispenser line is made of high quality, genuine aluminum and wood materials and—through an easy-to-use refill system—delivers one-at-a-time napkin dispensing, reducing napkin usage.

Designed by: Mårten Rittfeldt, Viktor Berglin, Jens Andersson and Mariano Vozzi of Zenit Design for SCA


Masterack SmartSpace

Masterack SmartSpace is a storage and organization solution intended for commercial van and pick-up truck equipment users. Key design features include modularity, ease of use and installation.  Made from structural foam and aluminum, these lightweight materials reduce weight and noise while this system still holds as much weight as comparable steel systems.

Designed by: Jose Gamboa, David Hernandez, Bradley Workman and Nigel Flynn of Slingshot PDG for Leggett & Platt

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HART Quick-Tatch 7pc Tile Tool System

The HART Quick-Tatch 7 piece tile tool system includes an interchangeable handle, four trowel attachments, a gum rubber float and a compact storage box. It allows the user to easily switch between trowels and floats with the use of just one handle. Quick-Tatch is designed with the professional tile installer in mind, but is also popular among do-it-yourself homeowners.

Designed by: Ken Brazell, IDSA, Clint Thackery, IDSA and Bill Saunders of Techtronic Industries North America for The Home Depot


GPC with QuickPick Remote

The GPC with QuickPick Remote is the world's first and only pallet truck remotely controlled by an operator wearing a wireless device. It’s a game-changing innovation in warehouse order picking which is a fast-paced, physically demanding job. With the QuickPick Remote, press the button and the truck moves forward; release the button and the truck stops. Remotely advancing the truck down the aisle to the next pick location allows the order picker to remain in the optimum work position beside the truck. The wearable device, both intuitive and unobtrusive, keeps hands free to perform the primary job of picking items and loading them onto pallets—increasing productivity while reducing the physical demands of the job.

Designed by: Crown Equipment Corp.; Twisthink; and Formation Design Group



Move over concrete—here come TuffBlocks—the lightest, most versatile and easy-to-use deck foundation system on the market. Tuffblocks allow for an average-sized deck to be constructed from start to finish in under an hour with no digging, steelwork or concreting required. The most daunting part of deck construction—the foundation—is now the fastest and easiest, allowing even the most novice of DIY builders to achieve professional results. Each TuffBlock weighs only 1.5 lbs., yet can support more than 11,000 lbs. The nesting, shipping and packaging of the TuffBlock allows any standard vehicle to carry more than enough TuffBlocks for most jobs. It has been designed to accept 2” x 4”, 2” x 6” and 2” x 8” joists—and 4” x 4” posts—for imperial markets, as well as 35 to 47mm wide joists and 90mm or 100mm posts for metric-based markets. Tuffblocks allow for decks to be built as low as 6.5” without the need for digging—or as high as local codes permit. 

Designed by: Mayer Jung and Ty Hermans of Evolve NPD for PRD Enterprises LLC


DeWALT Outdoor Tools with 40VMAX® Lithium Ion Batteries

DeWALT Outdoor Tools with 40V MAX® Lithium Ion Batteries provide the power, runtime and durability of gas performance for professional landscapers—guaranteed. The tools maximize efficiency by eliminating: trips to the pump; fuel mixing, spills and odors; loud engines; and constant pull starts. Maintenance is minimized. The line includes a brushless string trimmer; a brushless handheld blower; and a hedge trimmer.

Designed by: Rob Schoch, Jason Busschaert, Tylan Tschopp, Joe Cooper and Trevor Timson of SBD


KUKA KR 6 Agilus

The small Robot KR 6 Agilus with its safe functionality simplifies radically the cooperation with humans and may work without any protection fences, for example, in the medical industry. Minimal cycle times at the highest precision make it ideal for high speed handling tasks—one of the fastest robots on the market. The versatility and flexibility of this robot mean that it is at home—both in the automotive sector and in general industry. This robot type can be mounted both on the floor and on the ceiling.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign; and Annette Steinacker, Leander Eisenwinter, Valentina Antonovsky, Franz Liebl and Christoph Groll of KUKA Robotics