Commercial & Industrial Products

Habot-mini Concept

Habot-mini concept would be the world’s first mobile extinguisher that works because of nitrogen. It’s difficult to use a water extinguishing agent in computer rooms, data centers, museums or library archives because water can damage the goods. It’s also difficult to extinguish flames in locations that aren’t accessible to firefighters such as a nuclear facility with leaking radioactivity. Habot-mini absorbs surrounding air; eliminates oxygen; generates and releases Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA); and decreases spatial oxygen level.

Designed by: Takayuki Hamada, Sekikou Ryou, Koichi Yamano, Chie Yamamura and Shuji Seki of Morita Holdings Corp.

Contact: Takayuki Hamada


Cubicon Lux is the evolution of 3D printing. Its slim and sleek cylindrical design for desktop use, saves space. A special tank keeps photopolymer liquid resin from leaking and causing health damage. Productivity is enhanced and maintenance is easy. This is the first digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer by HyVision.

Designed by: Seom Gyun Lee

Contact: Seom Gyun Lee

TC8000 Mobile Computer

Today’s warehouses are faced with increased volumes of shipments, expedited delivery times and a workforce that wants a device and applications that are as easy to use. The TC8000 is a rugged, handheld mobile computer with an innovative design that has proven to both increase productivity and reduce fatigue for workers in highly intensive barcode scanning operations—making it ideal for a wide range of warehouse applications where it is critical that tracking and accounting for packages, parts and merchandise is performed accurately.

Designed by: Konstantinos Tsiopanos, IDSA, and Jaeho Choi, IDSA, of Zebra Technologies

Contact: Konstantinos Tsiopanos, IDSA

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The simple yet dedicated design of the Swater sensor faucet makes its manufacturing process of forging, machining and assembly less complicated, with less labor and material cost. Swater, made of lead-free copper and recyclable materials, creates water saving awareness in public spaces with a well thought design of the handle that returns to its original position automatically.

Designed by: Zhiguo Jiang of RUNNER GROUP

Contact: Dennis Shen

Ecolab Mobile Solids Dispenser

The Ecolab Mobile Solids Dispenser is a chemical dispensing system for diluting solid soap or sanitizer for proper washing and sanitizing procedures in a restaurant. The user places the dispenser on the divider of the three-compartment sink, then directs the water spigot over the top of the system and allows water to flow into the dispenser. Water flow is diverted to the bottom of the dispenser where it consistently dissolves solid detergent or sanitizer, making the right blend of soap or sanitizer. Once the sink is filled to the proper level, the dispenser is removed and stored where convenient. 

Designed by: Brian Carlson, Ed Snodgrass, Matt Molinaro, Brian Doffing and Corey Harris of Ecolab, Inc.

Contact: Brian Carlson

Square Contactless + Chip Reader

Square Contactless + Chip Reader enables businesses to accept chip cards and payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and more. It connects wirelessly to the seller's device of choice and with Square Stand; and pairs seamlessly with Square’s free point-of-sale app. All customers have to do is hold their device near the reader or insert their chip card to pay. The whole transaction just takes seconds to complete. With biometrics like Apple's Touch ID, a signature is no longer required. The new reader is optimized for authenticated payments, pairing with the original Square reader for magstripe-only card payments.

Designed by: Ben Chen, Anthony Nguyen, Thomas Templeton and Jesse Dorogusker of Square

Contact: Michael A. MacLennan



QUARTZ is a sculptural soap dispenser for commercial public lavatories, with intuitive interaction and innovative features. The art piece’s chrome plating finish matches perfectly with most public toilet interior designs. QUARTZ prevents the common soap-dripping issue by using a newly patented, air-blowing technology and internal pipe-bending structures. The front LED matrix indicates to users when dispensing starts and finishes, reducing the chances of missing the soap and making a mess, and shows when to refill the soap and breakdown information. A Quartz APP allows remote management of repairs and refills.

Designed by: River Cheng and Henry Yang of KOHLER Shanghai Design Studio

Contact: KOHLER China Investment Co., Ltd


The result of a two-year, carefully considered design process, Latch is the first smart access system that works for your apartment, office and home. The fully robust metal smart lock inspires immediate trust. With passcode and smartphone app access, securely manage people who need access to your space and eliminate keys from your life. Like an unblinking eye, its camera records who is at the door. Let in delivery people when you are not at home; create temporary codes for guests; and go for a run without the weight of carrying keys.

Designed by: Latch

Contact: Thomas Meyerhoffer


The D7 BDAS+ (Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray Plus) is a breakthrough product—rugged in design and materials, and tested in extreme environments—that is rapidly and easily deployable in crisis situations such as public health and natural disasters. Its primary users are military personnel; homeland security; law enforcement; and first responders. The ready-to-use, handheld dispenser houses D7—a proprietary solution created by DECON7 Systems to neutralize harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds); hazardous industrial chemicals; chemical and biological warfare agents; and bodily fluids.

Designed by: Designed by JD Albert, Mark Clark, Meggie Oudheusden, James Lovey and Tom Murray of Bresslergroup for Decon Seven Systems

Contact: Caroline E. Tiger

Crescent Grip Zone Tongue and Groove Pliers

The Crescent Grip Zone tongue and groove pliers feature a non-marring grip directly integrated into the handles to work chrome finish fixtures without damage. A unique tooth design in the jaws increases gripping power, allowing more torque with less effort. The handle grips feature exposed, steel handle tips that are designed to prevent the handles from being pulled off and allow for reaming and prying.

Designed by: Justin Arsenault, Trent Kahute, Stephanie Lewis and Alex Troitzsch of Thrive, LLC; and Alan Anderson, Jonathan Beckwith, IDSA, Griffin Biering, Tobias Bridges, Randi Ligon, Zach Hays and Bob Thompson of Apex Tool Group, LLC

Contact: Jonathan S. Beckwith, IDSA