Commercial & Industrial Products


The TS 98 XEA is a versatile cam-action door closer. It offers new possibilities with just a single closer body suitable for all the standard installation positions. The TS 98 XEA can be mounted on both the pull and push sides, increasing fixing flexibility onsite and reducing complexity throughout the entire process from planning to ordering parts. It can be deployed in conjunction with other dormakaba products from the same family, such as the XEA door or glass hardware and the XEA hold-open systems. The additional latching range of 15–0 degrees ensures that the door shuts with virtual silence. The unit will close fire doors with widths up to 1,400 millimeters without any problems. And if the closer is mounted on the pull side, closure from 180 degrees is also ensured. 

Designed by: Bernhard Heitz of dormakaba

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Tascent InSight One

InSight One is an identity verification device that features iris and facial recognition technology. It is used in airports and border checkpoints to identify travelers. Users approach InSight One, and in seconds it captures biometric images, verifies identity real time in the cloud and displays a "pass" or "no pass" symbol. In an anxious security-challenged society, this friendly design offers a more sympathetic user experience at checkpoints. It helps speed up long lines and reduces stress while adhering to strict safety measures. With its biometric performance and human-centered design, InSight One is changing the future of travel.

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA and Cole Derby of Whipsaw, Inc. for Tascent, Inc.

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Reliable communication is key for teams working in harsh mining and industrial environments. The networks that power the communication must be reliable, robust, versatile and intuitive to operate. N-Connex delivers a modular user-friendly highly ruggedized network solution specifically developed for the industrial sector. N-Connex is a prepackaged industrial-standard IT communications and control solution—designed specifically for unforgiving environments. Its modular plug-and-play system is rack mounted in the field for rapid deployment and easy maintenance by non-tradespeople.

Designed by: Katapult Design and NLT Australia Pty Ltd.


Crown WAV 60 (Work Assist Vehicle®)

The Crown Work Assist Vehicle—also known as the WAV—is an ideal solution for the challenging, logistical demands of e-commerce. This versatile vehicle lifts the operator safely to access shelving up to 17 feet high while maneuvering through tightly spaced racks in warehouses and/or retail environments. The WAV 60 adds significant functional upgrades like a new operating system and intuitive display interface, powered load tray and new storage options. This 4th generation WAV sports an updated aesthetic that reinforces its increased utility as well as the Crown brand image.

Designed by: Adam Ruppert, IDSA, Mike Gallagher, IDSA and Steve Pulskamp, IDSA of Crown Equipment and Greg Breiding for Crown Equipment

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Bobrick Privada Toilet Partitioning System

PRIVADA is a high-end toilet partitioning system designed to meet the discerning needs of architects, building developers and end users who want a beautiful, simple and functional restroom solution. Flush doors with minimal gaps among panels give users an increased level of privacy. The handle and lock hardware feature elegant forms, intuitive operation and durable stainless steel construction. Panel materials contain 30 to 100 percent recycled content. PRIVADA is quintessential restroom design: elegant, clean and smart.

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA, Hiro Teranishi, IDSA and Elliot Ortiz of Whipsaw, Inc. and Dikran Babikian of Bobrick, Inc. for Whipsaw, Inc. and Privada - Bobrick, Inc.

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Airport Cleaning Robot

The Commercial Cleaning Robot makes a clean sweep in a wide range of public venues such as airports and shopping malls. It uses cameras and ultrasonic and radar sensors to sense people and warn "I am cleaning now, please let me pass by" to avoid collisions in busy and crowded spaces. Its friendly snowman shape won't scare observers, yet its lower cleaning brush is slightly exposed so its function is easily recognized. Signal lights also serve as alerts. The robot's location, battery level, cleaning mode and driving speed can be linked to a smartphone or smart pad. Multiple robots can be controlled remotely, enabling more efficient management.

Designed by: Seongmin Kim, Myungwhoon Lee, Jaeyoung Kim and Hyeonjeong An of LG Electronics Inc.

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SENSORO Alpha Base Station

Featuring excellent outdoor signal coverage, the Alpha Base Station is built for outdoor Internet of Things (IoT) application scenes that require low power consumption, a long range and low throughput. The Alpha Base Station was designed to support and connect thousands of nodes into the IoT WAN.

Designed by: Wuyang Zhao, Yan Wang and Rusong Zhou of Sensoro Co., Ltd. 

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KUKA KR 120 nano F

Kuka KR is a robot for extreme conditions in cleaning plants and washing. The mechanical parts are completely capsuled and all electric cables are installed well-protected inside the body. Its coated surface protects against corrosion and is resistant to lyes and acids. Expressive edges and facets emphasize precision and reliability of the robot.

Designed by:

Contact: Mario Selic

NCR TouchPort 120

The NCR TouchPort 120 is a compact self-service kiosk that enables passengers to quickly check-in, choose their seat, print their boarding pass and easily pay for upgrades. The clean simple design, in both counter-top and pedestal models, uses the latest user interface technologies to provide an exceptional experience for all passengers.

Designed by: Rafael Yepez Kwan Lee of the NCR User Centre Design team

Contact: Kwan Lee

Hagie DTS 10

The Hagie DTS 10 crop sprayer guards against insect, weed and fungus damage with design that improves function complimented by form. It’s smaller, lighter and more nimble than most sprayers with similar capacity so it can reach tight areas in the field. It is among the tallest sprayers, which helps to prevent damage to crops such as six-foot high corn. Engine check points are assessed easily without opening the hood. The cab is 35 cubic feet larger; safety reflectors are more visible; storage is greater and more protected; and the hood is vented for better safety and engine performance.

Designed by: Carey Lyn, IDSA and Jake Bosnak of Hagie Manufacturing

Contact: Carey Lyn