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APX NEXT P25 All Band Smart Radio with XV Remote Speaker Mic

The APX NEXT brings advanced usability and performance to two-way public-safety radios. It combines a touch screen and intelligent voice interfaces with mission-critical performance to ensure a communications lifeline for emergency responders. Police officers are no longer vehicle-bound as the information traditionally found in large mobile data terminals can now be delivered to this compact, portable device. Its LTE back up and intelligent voice query provide uninterrupted information flow. Cloud-based provisioning and update cycles reduce servicing downtime from months to minutes. Additional capabilities, such as video, data analytics, and AI applications, can be added as needs evolve.

Designed by: Motorola Solutions Innovation Design and Engineering Development Teams

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DCI TeraTrak R1

The DCI TeraTrak R1 is a real-time terrain-mapping tool for horizontal directional drilling. It provides accurate and continuous topography data and the location of utilities and waypoints at all stages of the drilling process, which previously required expensive survey methods. Used in conjunction with the TeraTrak app, the R1 visualizes underground hazards and the precise elevation and distance measurements along the drill path. It streamlines the planning for job site boring, making it more accurate, efficient, cost effective, and accessible. As the ground is becoming increasingly crowded with utilities, the TeraTrak R1 makes it far less likely that the drill crew will run into underground hazards.

Designed by: Digital Control Inc. and Tactile Design Teams

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Bose Videobar VB1

The Bose Videobar VB1 brings ease of use and Bose audio quality to conferencing and huddle spaces. Inside the razor-thin package, the VB1 features an auto-framing 4K UHD camera, 5x zoom, six beam-steering microphones, and an all-in-one USB connection. Flexibility is the norm in today’s office. The VB1 technology is designed so everyone stays more connected and engaged, heard and understood, and focused on the things that matter, even when the most important person in the meeting is not even in the room. Whether it’s a quick morning check-in or a full-afternoon workshop, the VB1 helps all meeting attendees huddle up, see more, hear more, and work better.

Designed by: Designed by Jeanette Numbers, IDSA, Seunghyuk Scott Noh, IDSA, Rance Pritchard and Dan Grove of Loft Design and Rich Carbone of Bose Corporation

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ERIF is a user-friendly fire extinguisher with a horn that enables you to point directly to a fire while holding the body with one hand and squeezing the levers with the other.

Designed by: Jae Hwa Moon and Da Yung Im of rndplus for SAMWOO INSTRUMENT, Inc.

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Ingersoll Rand W7152 Impact Wrench

The W7152 impact wrench is a cordless industrial power tool for fastening and disassembly. It targets heavy equipment repair applications for the professional mechanic.

Designed by: Dennis Naksen, IDSA, Scott Price, IDSA, and Joshua Johnson of Ingersoll Rand

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The KMP 1500 mobile platform supplies robots and machines with perfectly timed material and makes flexible production possible to an extent that has been unimaginable before.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign and Andreas Alberter, Erich Block and Jürgen Wachhaus of KUKA AG for KUKA AG

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The LBR iisy is a sensitive, precise, easy-to-use robot that makes automation intuitive. It is certified and tested for direct collaboration with people and, therefore, requires no safety fence.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign and Melina Nasradini, Markus Theiler, Volker Schmirgel, Andre Reekers and Martin Riedel of KUKA AG for KUKA AG

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Siegmund Pipe Clamp Universal

The Siegmund Pipe Clamp Universal enables flexible clamping of workpieces. It can be mounted on welding tables and workbenches with standardized bore holes. 


Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign, the Siegmund Inhouse Design Team and Bernd Siegmund GmbH


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Siegmund Workstation

The Siegmund Workstation was designed as a very flexible system. It functions as a welding table, a workbench or a mobile workshop trolley with optional wheels.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign, the Siegmund Inhouse Design Team and Bernd Siegmund GmbH

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Smart Curtain Motor Kit-Double power supply methods

This smart curtain motor kit has two power supply modes: an AC wall outlet or DC battery that lasts six months. The built-in ZigBee Communication Module lets the motor interact with many smart devices.

Designed by: Jack Chen, Meng Meng and Sian Lin of Lumi United Industrial Design Team

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