Commercial & Industrial Products

Lenovo ThinkReality A6

The ThinkReality A6 is an augmented reality headset that allows professionals to interact with digital content safely, comfortably, and hands free. 

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group and User Experience Design for DHL, AirBus

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Industrial Outdoor Evaporative Cooling System - Vector Climate

The Vector industrial outdoor climate system uses only water to create a cool and comfortable environment. It uses a Piezoelectric system to vaporize the water to destroy 99% of all foreign material. 

Designed by: Larry Canipe and Ray Vivar of Cleva Technologies Boca Raton, FL and David Surridge of Centro Inc, North Carolina

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KUKA KR 210 Quantec-2

The KR 210 Quantec-2 is an industrial robot developed for precise high-speed applications like spot welding, assembly, and packaging. It can move to its target point with an accuracy of ±0.0024 inches within seconds.

Designed by: Mario Selic, Selic Industriedesign and Günther Merk, Benjamin Kuhl, Leander Eisenwinter and Johannes Schwenk, KUKA AG

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Siegmund Height Adjustable Rotating Table Mobile

The Siegmund Height Adjustable Rotating Table Mobile is a novelty in the field of welding tables. With its spindle, it can be rotated while welding and adjusted in height by 14.6 inches.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign and Siegmund Design Team for Bernd Siegmund GmbH

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Phantom Espresso

It started with a question: How are Starbucks baristas and customers able to connect over coffee when the front-bar positioning and large size of espresso machines obscure the baristas and espresso craft? By moving the espresso engine below the counter and incorporating bottom-fill espresso glasses, the Phantom Espresso opens up the bar and, as if by magic, presents delicious, swirling coffee and smooth crema right before customers’ eyes. Initially developed and tested as a prototype in 2017, the Starbucks engineering and industrial design teams partnered closely with long-term supplier Thermoplan of Switzerland to commercialize the Phantom, which recently debuted in all the SoDo Starbucks Reserve stores.

Designed by: Starbucks Industrial Design, Starbucks Global Equipment Development and Thermoplan AG for Starbucks Reserve®

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Cisco Meraki MV Security Cameras

MV smart cameras bring Meraki magic to the enterprise video security world. Simple to deploy, configure, and manage, MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.

Cisco Meraki’s objective was to design an elegant yet discreet camera line that would move beyond the intimidating eyesores found in the physical security industry. The smooth, low profile bowl form flips the typical dome camera shape, without compromising functionality. The glossy, black lens bubble melts into the bowl, creating a distinct look that blends with enterprise environments.

Designed by: Designed by Dan Harden, Akifusa Nakazawa and Ari Turgel of Whipsaw, Inc. for Cisco - Meraki and Nick Abalos, Peter Gleason, Nick Kawamoto, Jennifer Ouk, Kevin Park, Juan Rubi, Ian Snyder and Morgan Teachworth of Cisco - Meraki

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Google Trekker

Trekker is Google’s new mapping device for documenting some of the greatest places on Earth. It produces photographs and interactive maps of anyplace on the planet automobiles cannot access, such as nature trails, world wonders, museums, and dense city centers. The all-in-one backpack includes a 360-degree camera array that creates perfect images of its surroundings, two positioning LIDARS for mapping terrain, a computer with heat-sink cooling, and two hot-swap batteries. Through volunteers and individuals who are paid, Trekker is documenting every corner of the Earth so we can all learn more about this incredible planet of ours.

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA, Elliot Ortiz and Britt Jensen of Whipsaw, Inc. for Google

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Hyundai Vest Exoskeleton (VEX)

In recent years, interest in exoskeleton technology has increased in the manufacturing industry as the average age of the workplace has creeped up and with it the potential for musculoskeletal disorders. The Vest Exoskeleton (VEX) is an arm-assisting robot that allows workers to lift their arms safely and efficiently for extended periods of time. Based on the human-centered philosophy of a robotics lab, VEX enables natural arm movement, a comfortable fit, and a full range of motion through its multi-axis structure that simulates the human shoulder joint. The VEX was designed for all users. With its five modules, the VEX is easy to wear and adjust according to the operator’s body structure. The multistage arm support is interchangeable based on the user’s weight and strength and the weight of the tool. Although it is worn close to the body, its curved form and soft contact points make it practical for daily use.

Designed by: Hyundai Design Center x Robotic Lab for Hyundai Motor Group

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Leica BLK2GO, the first wireless handheld laser scanner

This wireless handheld imaging laser scanner nearly captures its surrounding environment, including the structures and objects in it, as the user walks around holding the device. It then takes those dimensions and turns them into accurate and colorized 3D point clouds that form a complete dataset. The scan data is easily displayed on the companion iPhone app, giving a 2D top view and 3D point cloud rendering in real time. The captured data can be easily exported for registration and processing. This device is ideal for anyone who needs to accurately scan a space or object, especially hard-to-reach places, or needs more speed when scanning than traditional terrestrial scanners offer. The primary target audience for the product are architecture, engineering, and construction professionals; media and entertainment pros responsible for scouting locations and creating immersive virtual reality experiences; and professionals who work in the preservation of historic architecture and archaeology.

Designed by: Dr. Burkhard Boeckem of Hexagon and Matthias Weiser of Leica Geosystems

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M12 FUEL™ 3/8” and 1/2” Digital Torque Wrenches w/ ONE-KEY™

The M12 FUEL Digital Torque Wrenches were designed to automate repetitive tasks and improve safety and efficiency on the job site. Many torque wrenches have a built-in gauge to help the user manually optimize the torque for specific fasteners and applications. The M12 FUEL DTW is motorized and automated. The user sets the required torque on the built-in screen or the ONE-KEY app and pulls the trigger. The tool then cranks the fastener to the set torque range. Now within the optimal range, the user manually turns the fastener while the tool provides haptic, visual, and aural feedback to guide them to the perfect torque setting. 

Designed by: Adam Carter for Milwaukee Tool

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