Commercial & Industrial Products

Ecolab Ice Handler

The Ecolab Ice Handler helps fill, transport and pour ice cleanly and safely. The ergonomic carry handle includes two fill-assist latches to simplify positioning and filling. The large open-top design sits flush with the edge of the ice machine reducing spills. The combination pour-and-store lower handle provides a clean place for a user’s hand while pouring.

Designed by Brian Carlson, Ryan Chernik, Christopher Wagner and Eric Balz of Ecolab Inc.

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805 Vibration Meter

The 805 Vibration Meter is a simple, portable and easy-to-use diagnostic tool designed to quickly measure the health of bearings on rotating equipment, such as motors and pumps. It features an audio jack for headphones and a thick cushioned holster for protection if it is dropped.

Designed by Ferdinand Laurino, Matthew Marzynski, Paul Richer and Joseph Ferrante of Fluke Corp.

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3M™ Peltor™ X Series Earmuffs

The 3M Peltor X Earmuffs combine excellent protection with supreme comfort packed in a professional and stylish look. Featuring breathable materials and a smaller, lighter design, these earmuffs are easier to use than traditional ones. They will encourage more workers to protect their ears by providing excellent fit and superior comfort.

Designed by Oskar Juhlin, Martin Birath, Hans Nyström, August Michael, Stefan Strandberg and Fredrik Ericsson of Veryday for 3M.

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HazMatID Elite

The HazMatID Elite is a portable chemical identifier used to detect hazardous chemical and biological substances. Military and civilian first responders use it to quickly and accurately detect health and safety risks in the field. In one minute or less, the HazMatID Elite identifies and categorizes thousands of possible chemical warfare agents, explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics and suspicious powders.

Designed by Rob Tannen, Ph.D., Jim Monzo, Matthew Thomas and Keith Fraser of Bresslergroup; Doug Winner, Gene McGraw, John Pelosi, Jim Frey and John Laverack of Nexus Design LLC; Product Manager: Dustin Levy, Project Manager: Kyle Oberndorfer, Head Software Engineer: Eric Zuidema, Head Electrical Engineer: Len Cardillo, Head Mechanical Engineer: Walter Perec, Head Firmware Engineer: Paul Hetherington, Head Application Scientist: Michael Frunzi, Head System Engineer: John Stein, Manufacturing Engineering Lead: Javier Santiago, Quality Assurance Lead: Joy Davis, Technical Support Lead: Pete Curulla and Technology/Domain Expert: Terry Sauer of Smiths Detection Inc. for Smiths Detection Inc.

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LBR iiwa

The LBR iiwa is a lightweight robot that opens a new chapter in the cooperation between human operator and robot. It feels its way toward objects, can be gently pushed away by the user, and withdraws from them if the user touches the robot directly. The LBR can assist in surgical medicine and other medical industry applications.

Designed by Mario Selic of Selic Industrial Design; and Achim Heinze, Andre Reekers, Dieter Schaab and Jorge Torres of KUKA AG

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VESTA "pressure vacuum sintering furnace"

The VESTA "pressure vacuum sintering furnace" features a simplistic and smooth design that makes it possible to move it into any room without disassembly, while the large temperature indicators and the intuitive touch screen enable the user to manage the entire operation at a single glance.


Shure Axient™ Wireless Management System

The Shure Axient™ Wireless Management System is an innovative platform of inter-related tools for the planning, setup and direction of wireless events such as the Grammy’s, Super Bowl and many other high profile live performances playing around the world. Comprehensive and failsafe, the Axient™ ecosystem of components and capabilities represents the most fully realized vision yet for the integration of RF management and control solutions. Shure and Essential partnered to create a sophisticated design of over 10 unique products that balances bullet-proof reliability, introduces rechargeable power and features a sleek, stage ready appearance.


Wildfire Truck Concept

This fire truck is a powerful tool for firefighters around the world who battle large wildfires. The unique space in the vehicle’s center functions as an information base when no communication infrastructure is available. The operator can communicate with headquarters and aerial units to coordinate firefighting strategies. It has a system that changes water to foam, and it can fight fires while moving.

“Climb into it, drive it, use it, analyze relevant data in it or enjoy looking at it.  The Wildfire truck illustrates the power of a bold, refined prototype to test innovative thinking by richly probing a market space with a visceral, hands-on experience of the features and brand.” – Philip Swift, IDSA, Director of Industrial Design - North America, Crown Equipment


3M™ Versaflo™ M-Series Headgear, Powered & Supplied Air Respiratory Protection systems

The Versaflo respiratory system gives users flexibility as they move from one environment to another or from one application to the next. Each system consists of three easy-to-select modules—headgear, breathing tubes and air sources—that can be combined into dozens of system configurations for protection from a range of respiratory, head, eye and hearing hazards.

Credits: Stuart King and Mark Fernandes DCA Design International Ltd. (United Kingdom); Al Solyntjes, Ben Johnson, Thom Brace, Sean Kilmer, James Steffen of 3M United States and Des Curran, Garry Walker of 3M United Kingdom plc (United Kingdom)

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iPhone combines three products: a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and the internet. iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a revolutionary 3.5-inch multi-touch display that allows users to control it with just a tap, flick or pinch of their fingers. The display is made of optical-quality glass for superior scratch resistance and clarity. Changes to volume, muting the ringer and putting an incoming call through to voicemail can be done using discreet buttons on the top and side of iPhone. iPhone comes with 8GB of flash memory.

"The history of mobility and the senses marks another milestone with the iPhone. Voice, music and moving images are integrated in a package that allows unprecedented connectivity and sharing, all of which are critically important to emerging lifestyles."

Thomas Garvey, Associate Professor, School of Industrial Design, Carleton University (Canada)

Contact: Susan Lundgren: Credit: Apple, Inc.