Commercial & Industrial Products

3M Speedglas 9100 FX

The 9100 FX is a shield for protection during welding and grinding tasks. It offers a new level of outstanding protection and functionality; users stay protected at all times. When the welding visor is flipped up, the grinding visor gives users an unobstructed view and still provides facial protection from spatters and sparks.

Credits: Ergonomidesign, Oskar Juhlin, Martin Birath, Henrik Olsson and Erik Wahlin
Corporate Sponsor: 3M
Contact: David Crafoord:


Effisense - Efficient Heating in Style

The Efficient Heating in Style electric radiator is a close-circuit water system contained in an elegant, seamless cover that gives the unit a floating effect, unobtrusively blending into the surrounding environment and fitting well into prevailing home décor trends. It is made of materials that maintain low surface temperatures, mitigating safety risks.

Credits: Designer: Mormedi
Client: Durán
Contact: Silvia Cebrián: 


cubeXX -Forklift System Concept

The STILL cubeXX is an intelligent, small multifunctional cube floating serenely under the control of an intelligent network. To adapt to each day’s varied tasks and operators, the cubeXX transforms from an easily stored compact cube into a fully functioning forklift that runs via automatic programming or with a driver. Various configurations allow this one vehicle to perform the tasks of many without the need to store and pay for multiple vehicles.

Credits: TEAMS Design
Corporate Sponsor: Still GmbH
Contact: Nicole Baksinskas:


Cat CT660 Vocational Truck

The CT660 is the first in a line of premium purpose-built vocational trucks from Caterpillar. Designed with safe operation in mind, the bold exterior features a sloped hood providing best-in-class visibility, while the modular three-piece stainless-steel bumper and grille are designed for ease of serviceability. Extensive user research and driver ride-alongs resulted in an operator-friendly interior.

Credits: Caterpillar Inc., Eric J Hanson, Gary C Bryant, Navistar, Robert Riggs, Christian Hardin and Joe DeNatale
Contact: Eric Hanson:


Bose RoomMatch® array module loudspeakers

The Bose RoomMatch™ array module loudspeakers are designed to provide concert-quality audio for permanently installed sound systems for almost any room size, shape or acoustic requirement. With RoomMatch loudspeakers, virtually any seat in auditoriums, houses of worship, performing arts centers and sports arenas can provide attendees with excellent sound quality.

Credits: Bose Corporation, Bose Design Center and Bose Professional Systems Division
Contact: Robert Warden:


NAMSUN:New Innovative Milling Machine Design

The design language of the NAMSUN Milling Machine not only portrays a professional image but also offers greater reliability and quality. The functionality of the machine is greatly improved for ease of operation. Larger windows, easy-access doors and status bars guarantee transparent workflow

Credits: ID+IM Laboratory, KAIST, Sangmin Bae, Jieun Shim, Kansik Yoo, Boram Won, Heewon Lee, Eunjung Lee, Kyunghyun Kim, Joonseo Lee and Lin Hur
Corporate Sponsor: Namsun Machinery Corporation
Contact: Sangmin Bae:



BIP concrete chairs hold rebar securely at standard specified heights within concrete slabs. This product allows for a typical rebar grid to be constructed quickly with very little labor compared to traditional methods. Instead of having to balance rebar on top of low-precision concrete blocks and then securing the rebar by tying a thin-skin cutting wire, the worker just snaps the rebar into the BIP chair.

Credits: FUSE, Toren Orzeck Industrial Designer, Dave Lindberg Mechanical Engineer, Ivan Epling Industrial Designer and Ross Savage Mechanical Engineer
Corporate Sponsor: BIP Company
Contact: Toren Orzeck:


Belkin Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM Switch

The Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM Switch provides superior security for government agencies that access sensitive data from multiple computers connected to different networks. It reduces the danger of entry into or data leakage from secure networks. It was designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of government agencies and the military.

Credits: Belkin, Thorben Neu, Abraham Camacho, Michael Wick and Robert Jeng
Contact: Mitchell Suckle:


Husqvarna TS 60

The TS 60 is a robust full-featured wet tile saw intended for both home and professional users. It is equipped with a patented water and slurry system, known as the Jet Stream Containment System, for little to no mess. This includes an efficient recycling system that cleans water for reuse. Additional features include a refined cart and rail system, a powerful motor with overload protection, integrated transport wheels, and the ability to do plunge and miter cutting.

Credits: The Beyond Design Team
Client: Husqvarna Construction Products
Contact: Michael Prince:


John Deere 944K Wheel Loader

The challenge of the 944K Wheel Loader, the largest of John Deere’s loaders, was to develop a substantially proportioned machine with the same design language as smaller machines so that the entire line of loaders will have a distinct and cohesive family aesthetic. The 944K features a best-in-class interior with a comfortable, spacious and functional cab that can take on the rigors of a 10-hour workday.

Credits: BMW Group DesignworksUSA
Corporate Sponsor: John Deere
Contact: Jackie Jones: