Commercial & Industrial Products

Articulating Scaffold

The Articulating Scaffold has the ability to walk with the motion of the user, eliminating the need to constantly climb up and down and reposition the equipment. The work table provides a space to store tools, keeping them safe and organized while repositioning. A few simple, intuitive motions collapses the unit, making it easy to transport to the truck or job site.

Credits: Alexander Spurrier of Auburn University

Contact: Alexander Spurrier:

Circulating Water Bath

The Circulating Water Bath is a refrigerating and heating temperature control unit used for laboratory applications. The LCD touchscreen technology guides the operator through setup and operation, and a powerful pump circulates heated water throughout the reservoir to deliver consistent temperature control. Temperatures can be monitored from anywhere in the laboratory with the pivoting control head.

Credits: William Cesaroni, IDSA, Morad Ghassemian and Christian Castro of Cesaroni Design Associates Inc.; Philip Preston and Cliff Johnson of PolyScience; and Ralph Page of CDM Fabrication for PolyScience

Contact: Rebecca Manske:

Welcoming Vehicle Control System

The Welcoming Vehicle Control System controls access to buildings and residential areas. An RF reader identifies residents as they pass by the controller, automatically authorizing their entrance and exit. Visitors use the interphone to call the person they are visiting, who authorizes their access to the site. The vehicle controller plate sensor number monitors and records the vehicles that pass in case of accidents or a disaster.

Credits: Juhee Cho, Sooyon Hong and Dowon Kim of Samsung E&C (South Korea); Byungchan Kim, Junghyun Cho and Jihong Park of Tangerine (United Kingdom); and Gitak Na and Namsoo Lee of Cvnet (South Korea)

Contact: Sooyon Hong:

Hyper Variaxis 630

The Hyper Variaxis can completely machine a work piece, including multiple surface machining, from raw material to completion in a single work-piece setup to provide improved productivity in the production of complex components, such as those found in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Credits: Yamazaki Mazak Corp. (Japan) and of Ken Okuyama Design Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Contact: Bruce Dozier:

Custom-designed Automated Teller Machine for BBVA

This custom-designed ATM for the Spanish bank BBVA was designed from the user experience up, rather than from the components down. The design team listened to people’s banking experiences and observed people’s behavior at ATMs. The team also examined analogous self-service experiences, such as those at gas pumps and train-ticket kiosks, leading to a design that doesn’t further automate the teller, but that humanizes the transaction experience.

Credits: IDEO Design Team, BBVA, NCR and Fujitsu

Contact: Katie Clark:

Air New Zealand SkyCouch

Air New Zealand’s SkyCouch is a new seating solution that delivers more control, comfort and flexibility to economy passengers when traveling on long-haul flights. Disappearing armrests, configuarble tray table and enhanced seat cushioning give travelers multiple seating options. Plus the redesigned leg rest converts three seats into one bed, allowing a wider range of seating experiences for travelers.

Credits: Air New Zealand Design Team, Altitude Aerospace Interiors, Geoff Suvalko of Designworks, IDEO, Formworks Design, David Scott Design, Recaro (New Zealand) and Formway Furniture, Optimal Usability, Design Brand, infact (New Zealand) for Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

Contact: Geoff Suvalko:

Crown WT 3000 Series Pallet Truck

The Crown WT 3000 Series of electric of pallet trucks combines robustness, performance and operator comfort. The Crown Access 123®, AC technology and e-GEN® braking system lower operating costs and improve energy efficiency. The FlexRide® suspension system provides riding comfort during trailer loading and transport, and the optional weight-adjustable FlexRide® platform reduces impact shock to the driver.

"Like magic. Just when you thought Crown had already done everything that could be done in pallet trucks, they created this cost efficient modular system that can transform into a multitude of different configurations depending on the customer’s needs—all with breakthrough features for safety and rider comfort.  Just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!" – Davin Stowell, IDSA, IDEA 2011 Jury Chair, Founder and CEO of Smart Design

Credits: Markus Graf, Jim Kraimer and Mike Gallagher of Crown Equipment Corp. and Ryan Berger, Thornton Lathrop and Rainer Teufel of Design Central

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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager

The Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager was designed for professional technicians in the use of preventative maintenance in electrical, mechanical and HVAC applications. It captures high-resolution thermal images as well as standard digital photos with a single trigger pull for quick assessments. Its rugged construction can withstand a 6-foot drop and still operate in calibration. Its simplified interface was designed for professional tradesmen and is optimized for productivity.

Milgard SmartTouch® Patio Door Handle

Milgard SmartTouch® Patio Door Handle

Milgard’s SmartTouch® Patio Door Handle is a simple one-touch opening mechanism for sliding glass doors. The elegant handle locks or unlocks the door in one easy motion, all with one hand. It provides rock-solid security, exceeding California’s strict forced-entry requirements. This stylish new patio door handle enhances Milgard brand equity by expanding the SmartTouch family of products.

NCR 30 Series - Point of Sale Terminal Platform

The NCR 30 Series is a point-of-sale terminal system for use in restaurants, convenience stores and other customer-facing retail applications. The heart of the system is a solid-state touch-screen terminal running sophisticated point-of-sale software. The base terminal is designed to grow through the addition of accessories, such as touch screens, card readers, bar-code scanners, currency validators, finger-print readers and printers.

Credits: Formation Design Group, Suzuko Hisata, Mark Kruse, Philip Palermo, Russell Kroll, Robert Henshaw, Ben Stephens, NCR Corporation, Seng Chan, Bill Ward, Bob Stone, Kurt Knull, Carlyle Taylor and Azieza Uhnavy
Contact: Russell Kroll: