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The design of this automatic sprinkler uses Fluid-Driven Illumination technology; when it is activated by fire, the water flows inside the turbine blade to generate electric power instantly and light up the LED, which can act as an illumination device and an alarm during emergency. No battery or utility wires are needed. The second-generation sprinkler is also integrated with a laser projector to highlight evacuation signs and exit locations, increasing the possibility of survival and improving the chance for rescue. 

Contact: Jung-Huang Liao:

Credit: Jung-Huang Liao, Jia-Wei Jan, Tzeng-Wuu Wey, Chih-Wei Lin and Lian-Yi Cho of Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan) and Ta-Wei Chien, Hung Cheng and Li-Hao Liu of Duckimage Corporation (Taiwan)

Electrosurgery Unit Tester (ESU Tester) for developing countries

Electrosurgery is a means for performing medical operations, with the capability of cutting tissue or coagulating it to prevent blood during surgery. Discarded electrosurgery units (ESUs) can make it to the developing world through the work of charities, non-governmental organizations and other groups; unfortunately, much of it is not fully functional.  This ESU tester costs roughly 1/100 the price of an ESU analyzer used in developed countries, but still provides the essential function: measuring the power output of the ESU.  This information is useful to hospital technicians as they diagnose medical equipment so that they know what repairs or preventative maintenance must be performed. 

"An excellent example of designing simple appropriate solutions for a specific need, that can provide greater benefits to the larger community and institutions. The product is easy to build by non-skilled volunteers, the housing is safe and easy to assemble, and the user interface can easily be localized with customized stickers."  --Isabel Ancona

Contact: Scott Janis:

Credit: Scott Janis, IDSA,  Alissa Murphy and Leah Davis of Hiemstra Product Development; Todd Murphy and Corey Drechsler for Engineering World Health

Geocell RDFW™

The Rapid Deployment Flood Wall (RDFW) is a modular, collapsible plastic grid typically used as an emergency protective measure in flooding operations.  It serves as a direct replacement for sandbag walls, forming an impermeable barrier.  The walls are assembled in place to the desired height and then filled with sand with a loader, requiring minimal labor. Typical dimensions are 8” tall x 3’-6” long x 3’-6” wide.

"This is one of my favorite entries. Such a simple holistic solution to a labor intensive, complex and increasingly persistent problem. Thorough testing has shown that the solution is more effective than traditional flood barriers, and has clearly helped to design a product that is so easy to install, scale to different situations, remove, store, reuse and recycle."  --Isabel Ancona 

Contact: Al Arellanes:

Credit: Al Arellanes of Geocell Systems and Gaylon White, Affiliate IDSA, of Eastman Chemical Company for Geocell Systems  RDFW™

ESR 5000 Series Reach Truck

The ESR 5000 Series is a full range of electric, side-sit reach trucks that achieve new levels of productivity, comfort and robustness for the most demanding warehouses and distribution centers.  Numerous industry-first innovations give operators an extra advantage for nearly every task.  A new super-duty mast can now lift a fully loaded pallet up to 12 meters (39.4 feet) high.  All models now offer a low step for easy on/off, and fully adjustable seating and controls for operators.  The all-new new S-Class vehicle establishes a new benchmark in operator comfort with a 30° rotating MoveSeat™ and a FlexBack™ reclining seat.  The new, patented battery shape provides 40% more legroom, and the MoveSeat™ greatly reduces upper body twisting.  A patented angled overhead guard also substantially increases upward visibility.

"Strong product strategy and user research, combined with elegant and practical design solutions, has created a very accessible and effective vehicle. There are several details that demonstrate a solid understanding of the various workflows and user needs--creating a safe and usable 'workspace' for the driver, providing more visibility, simple user interface controls, and visual cues on the truck for safer driving. I'm just sorry we didn't get to try it out...looks fun to drive!"  --Isabel Ancona

Contact:Craig Rekow:

Credit: Jim Kraimer, IDSA, Craig Rekow, IDSA, Christoph Babel, Adam Ruppert, IDSA and Ben Purrenhage, IDSA of Crown Equipment Corporation and Robert Hensha, IDSA and Mark Londborg of Formation Design Group for Crown Equipment Corp.

APX™ 7000XE P25 Portable Radio

Using feedback from firefighters from Miami to Malaysia, product developers designed the APX7000XE, a mission-critical two-way radio for the fire-rescue industry. It features an exaggerated control top for gloved hands, 1-watt speaker for clearer communications, noise reduction software, an enlarged top display for at-a-glance viewing and multiband interoperability for better multiagency collaboration.

"The Motorola portable radio is an unusually pure interpretation of form-follows-function. It is the result of rigorous, tenacious testing of users who routinely make communications that lives may depend on in tremendously stressful circumstances.

It has the best of that thoughtful-attention-to-functional-detail, humble, no-frills aesthetic that tells us that it’s the ideal tool for a demanding job and that the manufacturer had the integrity and dedication to simply solve the functional problem in the best possible way." – Philip Swift, IDSA, Director of Industrial Design - North America, Crown Equipment

Credits: Design Innovation and Design Engineering Teams of Motorola Solutions Inc.

Contact: Maya Komadina:

Bike-Pullway (Bike Rail)

The Bike-Pullway is a grooved bike rail that allows riders to easily and safely move their bicycles up and down stairs. All fabrication and assembly is done off site, resulting in an installation time that is one-tenth of the typical time needed.

Credits: Seong-woo Jeon, Seong-ung Han, Jeong-il Ju of NEOMERCE (South Korea)

Contact: Seong-woo Jeon:

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a precision hardware control surface and integrated software solution for color grading motion pictures. Color correction is like holding the images in your hands and molding them into absolute perfection. Color artists work endless hours, so the team engineered the design and placement of the controls to increase capabilities while reducing complexity.

Credits: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team, Carbon Design Group

Contact: Simon Kidd:


This family of residential street lamps, which was inspired by the prism, was designed to enhance the emotional satisfaction of residents both during the day and at night. During the day its sinuous curves are a delight to the eyes; at night, the orange glow along the base, in addition to the white glow from above, helps people feel secure.

Credits: Juhee Cho, Sooyou Hong and Dowon Kim of Samsung E&C (South Korea); Byungchan Kim and Jihong Park of Tangerine (United Kingdom) and Minchul Kim and Jongseung Bae of Taewon (South Korea)

Contact: Sooyon Hong:

HART® Framing Hammer Line

HART® Framing Hammer Line

The Hart Framing Hammer incorporates multiple features, such as a side strike, magnetic nail set, side nail puller and rebar bender while maximizing weight and balance for optimal user comfort and usability. It also retains the traditional qualities of polished steel as well as strong handle materials, such as hickory, steel and fiberglass, all of which are recyclable.

Blink EV Chargers from ECOtality

The Blink family of electric vehicle charging stations consists of three products: a wall-mounted unit for overnight charging in private garages or carports, a pedestal unit for retail locations and a DC Fast Charging unit for gas stations and in between major commute corridors throughout the country.

Credits: frog and ECOtality

Contact: Sara Munday: