Commercial & Industrial Products

TegeraPro Vibration Control

Vibrations from industrial work can cause serious and permanent hand injuries, which are costly for individuals and companies. The TegeraPro Vibration Control gloves use a foam material specially designed to insulate the hands. The graphic elements on the gloves communicate the functionality before a wearer even tries them.

--Stephen Melamed, IDSA, principal, Tres Design Group

Contact:Anna Romboli: Credit: Marcus Gabrielsson, Hans Nyström, Olle Bobjer, Maria Benktzon, Henrik Olsson and Peter Ejvinsson of Ergonomidesign AB (Sweden) Client: Lena Prytz of Ejendals AB (Sweden)

LiftPod® by JLG

The LiftPod® is a personal, portable aerial work platform designed as an alternative to ladders. Powered by any standard 18-volt cordless drill or an optional power pack, the LiftPod gives users a 360-degree range of motion at a working height of up to 14 feet. It can be assembled by one person in less than 30 seconds, and because of its light weight, it can be moved around a job site by a single person.

"I appreciated the thought that went into the LiftPod. The fact that it can be assembled and moved by one person and is well priced offers users the safety of a product that ordinarily might be out of reach for them."

--Joyce Bromberg, director, research, Steelcase Inc. WorkSpace Futures

Contact: Jeff Ford: Credit: Geoff Campbell and Jason Watson of JLG Industries, Inc. (Australia); and Dr. Hugh Stark, Frank Fornasari, Sandy McNeil, Mark Armstrong and Oliver Kratzer Client:

Better Place Charge Spot

This dual-outlet compact charging station for electric vehicles connects to the electrical grid, providing a much-needed infrastructure for these alternative-fuel vehicles. In addition, the compact connector makes for an approachable experience for all users.

"The Better Place Charge Spot was a clean, simple and good looking solution to what I hope will be the beginning of a long line of earth-friendly charging solutions."

--Joyce Bromberg, director, research, Steelcase Inc. WorkSpace Futures

Contact: Gadi Amit, IDSA: Credit: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Mike Massucco, Chad Harber, Justin Porcano and Barbara Stettler of NewDealDesign and Nekuda DM Ltd. Client: Better Place Inc.

Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer

The Conserve Surge with Timer is an 8-outlet surge suppressor, the only power saving surge protector designed specifically for the workplace. Use is simple to limit mistakes and maximize savings: a desktop switch controls six of the outlets. A timer turns them off after the workday if the user forgets. Two outlets remain always on. The Conserve Surge with Timer helps businesses save energy by reducing standby power consumption at every workstation. Savings are multiplied by the number of surges deployed. The surge is designed to be easily deployed: minimal packaging opens quickly and folds flat for recycling.

Contact: Mitchell Suckle:

Credit: Michael Wick, Thorben Neu, Yuji Ikeda, IDSA, John Wadsworth, Aaron Sevier and Jeffrey Garb of Belkin

M2 Monitor Arm

The M2 Monitor Arm is a revolutionary computer support solution for mounting a flat-panel monitor to a work surface to allow dynamic and customized monitor positioning for every user.   Current-generation monitor arms rely on a bulky, failure-prone, gas cylinder to support the weight of the monitor. The M2 replaces the gas cylinder with an innovative mechanical spring that achieves the same level of strength, stability and range of motion, but with less material and less bulk, resulting in a lightweight, ultra-thin profile never before seen from a fully articulating dynamic monitor arm.

Contact: Silvia Ivanova:

Credit: Lachezar Tsvetanov and Brad Augustine of Humanscale Design Studio

T-Tech LED Dimmable Light Bulb/Nature

The design of the NATURE bulb delivers a clean and new impression. It is equipped with innovative T-Tech technology, which uses no adapter but a dimmable light source to fulfill the high demand of interior lamps and ambient light. The patented heat dissipating device in the center sustains stability and functionality without the danger of its being touched. NATURE applies 360-degree lighting direction for either a stand alone light source or an interior lamp.

Contact: Jane Wu:

Credit: Hsu Wei Shen and Corina Zuberbuehler of Process Taiwan (Taiwan)

Rescue Wizard

The Rescue Wizard is a gas-powered, man-portable winch capable of pulling loads as heavy as 12,000 lbs. Designed for simple operation under the hardest circumstances, the winch can be used where destroyed roads and tight fits make heavy machinery and vehicles unfeasible and when electric power is unreliable, impractical or even nonexistent. As such, the winch is ideal for emergency rescue workers, forestry personnel, road crews and the military.

Contact: Robert Brady:

Credit: Robert Brady, IDSA, Glenn Akhavein, Erik Holmen and Joel Chartier of ROBRADY design for Andy Morrison

Kitchen Nano Garden

Nano Garden is a vegetable garden for the apartment kitchen, using hydroponics, so you don't need to worry about pesticides or fertilizers. Instead of the sunlight, Nano Garden has lighting which promotes the growth of plants. The amount of light, water and nutrient supply is also controllable, so you can decide the growth speed. It lets you know when to provide water or nutrients to the plants, which makes it easier to grow them. Moreover, Nano Garden functions as a natural air purifier, eliminating unpleasant smells.

Contact: Seul Ki Park:

Credit: Hyunjung Lee, Jaeyong Park, Changjin Shon and Seulki Park of Hyundai Engineering & Construction (South Korea) and Ill-woong Kwon of Gromo (South Korea)

Hyundai E&C



Easy-Riser/Valve- Saver Utility Riser & Cover for Manholes & Valve boxes

This patented product (made from recycled tires) is a rubber riser, cover, and water seal for use on manholes and valve boxes typically found in city streets.  When a new layer of asphalt pavement is applied to the road surface, the existing manholes need to be re-set to the level of the new asphalt, a costly and time consuming process.  This product is a two-piece system.  The outer piece is bonded to the existing road surface around the manhole.  The inner piece is held in place by a tongue-in-groove/reverse bevel system that allows the inner piece to be removed to gain access to the manhole.  The product then protects the manhole from damage from vehicle impact and helps prevent infiltration of storm water into the sewer system, a major cause of sewage contamination of lakes and streams.

Contact: Robert Corr:

Credit: Robert F. Corr

Adaptive Fritting

Standard ceramic fritting, a frosted graphic pattern applied to glass, is commonly used to control heat gain and modulate light in buildings, while allowing sufficient transparency for viewing.   Adaptive Fritting builds on this practice with the addition of real-time dynamic motion via motorized control. While conventional fritting relies on a fixed pattern, Adaptive Fritting can control its transparency and modulate between opaque and transparent states. This performance is achieved by shifting a series of fritted glass layers so that the graphic pattern alternately aligns and diverges. 

Contact: Craig Holland:

Credit: Chuck Hoberman, Matthew Davis and Ziggy Drozdowski of Hoberman Associates