Commercial & Industrial Products

FLAVIA® CREATION 600 by Lavazza Professional

The Lavazza FLAVIA CREATION 600 is a versatile brewing system for offices and conference rooms that offers both hot and cold beverages to keep teams happy, hydrated, and productive. 

Designed by: Lavazza Professional and THRIVE

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The RIDGID High Torque Impact Wrench is compact, lightweight, and cordless, delivering 450 foot-pounds of torque to power through the most demanding applications.

Designed by: Leon Yoong, Kuo Liang, Thomas Wong, Kam Kee, Samantha Ho, Yan Hei, Glasgow Shane and  Sarah Shao Ping of Techtronic design

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SFL series Safety Light Curtain

The SFL series Safety Light Curtain is installed at the entrance of a hazardous zone to protect workers from industrial accidents. Its status can be monitored from any position, regardless of the distance or angle.

Designed by: Kim Donghwan, Song Sunkyoung, Kim Jaeyeon and Cho Dohyun of Autonics Design Team

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Smart Vision Camera

The Smart Vision Camera both captures and processes images. Its optimized design is ideal for a smart factory, increasing productivity and space efficiency at a cost-effective price point. 

Designed by: Song Sunkyoung, Kim Donghwan, Kim Jaeyeon, Lee Seunghan and Shin Sookjeong of Autonics Design Team for Autonics Corp.

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The Newton electronic shelf label system automates the creation of electronic labels, providing pricing and product information while making shopping more convenient and interactive.

Designed by: Oscar Hyun-hun Cho, DT Lim and Chloe Mideum Choi of SOLUM

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Toshiba System 7 Self-Checkout

The System 7 Self-Checkout system allows retailers to customize their in-store experience, improve operational efficiencies, and protect their investment as front-end requirements continue to evolve. 

Designed by: Brad M. Johnson and Seth Teeples of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

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CBA Linear highbay

Designed for industrial settings, CBA is a linear highbay light with an adjustable beam angle. It offers a narrow, medium, and general mode. The brightness and color temperature can also be adjusted.

Designed by: Kevin Lin, Celine Chen, Lyna Bai and Icy Liao of LEEDARSON Lighting Team

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NOWA Series Electronic Shelf Labels

The NOWA Series Electronic Shelf Labels can display information such as the brand story, name, and price in lieu of traditional paper labels. They are battery powered and wirelessly controlled by a central system.

Designed by: Linjiang Wang, Xiaofei Zhang, Peixuan Liu and Zongdi Zheng of Hanshow Techonology

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The AutoMarker laser marking system provides customized laser marking solutions for application in diverse material types, object shapes, and environments. 

Designed by: Kim Jaeyeon, Kim Donghwan, Song Sunkyoung, Shin Sookjeong and Cho Dohyun of Autonics Design Team for Autonics Corp.

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Milwaukee M18™ Brushless Threaded Rod Cutter

The M18 Brushless Threaded Rod Cutter cuts the most common threaded rod sizes on the job site, including coarse 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch mild steel to 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch stainless steel.

Designed by: Vincent Ng, Mun Lung, George Yu, Siu Kwong and Paul Rosseto of Techtronic Design Asia, Milwaukee Tool for Milwaukee Tool

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