Commercial & Industrial Products

imonkey 24-in-1 Screwdriver Set

The 24 bits in the imonkey 24-in-1 Screwdriver Set were carefully selected to cover most of the screws found in the home. The bits are attached to the aluminum alloy case using magnets. The aluminum alloy construction of the bit handle makes it more robust than conventional plastic handles.

Designed by: Zhuhai imonkey Technology Co., Ltd.


IBM NS16e-4 NeuroSynaptic Supercomputer

The Neurosynaptic Supercomputer is a brain-inspired AI supercomputing system driven by an innovative architecture and chip set. The architecture combines the left-brain language and analytic thinking of standard computers with the right-brain sense and pattern recognition powers of the neurosynaptic chip, creating a holistic computing intelligence.

Designed by: Camillo Sassano, Kevin Schultz and Aaron Cox of the IBM Industrial Design Program with William Risk, Ben Shaw and Mike Debole of IBM Research for LLNL and the US Air Force.


HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers were designed to be a complete automated system for small to medium-sized development teams, design firms and universities. The 8-inch color touch display guides users with animated step-by-step tutorials and LED wayfinding indicators. The earth-friendly printers automatically reclaim excess print material for use during the next job.

Designed by: HP Global Experience Design Team / HP Imaging & Printing, HP Inc. 

Contact: drolan@gmail.com

Ingersoll Rand G1811 Belt Sander

The Ingersoll Rand G1811 Belt Sander is a cordless industrial power tool for sanding and grinding. It targets automotive repair, fabrication and restoration applications and is designed to optimize power, control, durability and access for professional mechanics. It is also suitable for industrial maintenance applications.

Designed by: Dennis Naksen, IDSA, Scott Price, IDSA, and Joshua Johnson of Ingersoll Rand


Bobcat E85 Excavator

The Bobcat E85 is an 8-ton mini excavator characterized by a modern, balanced design that expresses power, high performance and efficiency. The design of the E85 was developed to complement the full lineup of Bobcat excavators.

Designed by: Jin-hup Yeu, Hyun-joong Kim, Na-dan Cho and Eun-sook Seo of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. for Doosan Bobcat Inc.


Intel SSD Ruler

Everything about the form factor of the Intel SSD Ruler answers customer needs and has a purpose with an advantage. Built for data centers, it gives customers an SSD with high per-drive, per-server and per-rack capacity. Its new form factor with an intuitive latch provides improved manageability and serviceability in tandem with an efficient thermal design to reduce maintenance costs and completely disrupt the total cost of ownership. When people think of storage, they think of a flat rectangle about 2.5 to 3.5 inches wide, the right size and shape to accommodate a spinning disk. This new form factor maximizes capacity while fitting into a 1U server rack. A dense drive-to-drive pitch allows 32 SSD Rulers fit into a 1U server rack. This density means data centers can now fit a petabyte of storage onto a single 1U server rack, replacing 24 1U servers.

Designed by: Intel Experience Centered Design Team and Huge Design for Intel NSG


Magic Carpet Pro

The Magic Carpet Pro is a heavy-duty camera slider built to withstand the demands of professional film making. It was designed with the professional film maker in mind and produces supremely smooth tracking motion even under heavy camera loads. It's portable, infinitely extendable, simple to use and ready to go to work even in the most demanding environments. With a concealed motion-smoothing flywheel, interchangeable track lengths and a quick-release system, it produces studio-quality footage anywhere. The Magic Carpet Pro needed to withstand heavy camera setups, take a beating in the field and feel precise and effortless. Aesthetically, it needed to look at home next to expensive high-end cameras while maintaining its sense of purpose after years of abuse. The Magic Carpet Pro lets the film maker be in control of their work, capturing smooth moving images.

Designed by: Chris Thomson, James Allen and Samuel Blok of Syrp


RADIUS™ Temporary Site Light

The RADIUS™ Temporary Site Light is an easy-to-set-up job-site light that can instantly illuminate the work space with 7,700 lumens, exceeding the performance of existing 105-watt fluorescent lights while consuming 30 percent less energy. Users can wire more lights per circuit on any voltage range between 120 and 277 with a quick-wire universal power supply. Once set up, the light requires no maintenance, and its high-impact construction ensures it will survive the toughest job-site conditions.

The RADIUS™ light features an optical design that delivers a consistent beam, optimized color temperature and true representation of color detail, leading to a more productive work area. It can hang from virtually any overhead area with its convenient hanging cable that features spring-loaded cable retention so the user can speed up the installation process and easily adjust the height of the light.

Designed by: Justin Dorman, David Proeber IDSA, and Kyle Harvey of Milwaukee Tool


Square Register

Square Register is a fully integrated point-of-sale system designed to work with any business. It is the first Square product that combines dedicated hardware, embedded software and integrated payment technology—all working together seamlessly. Merchants no longer have to manage multiple systems. Square Register has a bright extra-large seller display that helps merchants ring up transactions quickly and accurately. It also features a versatile customer display that can be docked to the Square Register or positioned separately. The customer display shows customers what they’re buying, lets them pay with any form of payment (contactless, chip and magstripe) and can prompt customers to sign up for digital receipts and loyalty programs. With its striking minimal form factor, Square Register is a hit with sellers, elevating their countertops with the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Designed by: Ben Chen of Square


Werner ProForm F3 Fall Protection Harness

Werner ProForm F3 is a premium fall-protection harness offering unmatched comfort. Understanding users’ needs in fall situations, the ProForm F3 significantly increases overall compliance and safety. The ProForm F3 improves breathability and reduces overall weight without compromising support by using a custom-developed textile. Traditionally after a fall, workers are suspended for hours awaiting rescue. As the first product to offer post-fall adjustability with relief cords, the ProForm F3 allows users to easily move into a seated position where they can remain safe until they are rescued. Workers will be properly equipped and lives will be saved with the Werner ProForm F3 Fall Protection Harness.

Designed by: KB Birdsall and Priority Designs for Werner Co.