Commercial & Industrial Products

RIDGID Wet Tile/Stone Saw

The Ridgid WTS2000L

Wet Tile/Stone Saw is a professional-grade tool for cutting tile and masonry products. The saw is designed for professional contractors and serious do-it-yourselfers, satisfying the needs of both user groups with high performance and portability.

Contact:Eric Stangarone: Credit:IDEO Client:Chervon North American Inc.

Dyno Nobel Super EZ Connector - Precision Timing Detonation System

Dyno Nobel's Super EZ Connectors form the attachments of a precision, non-electric, timed detonation system used in blasting. They link together shocktubes, a type of specialized fuse which burns at a rate of 7000 feet per second. The connectors are used in industries wherever blasting occurs, such as mining, excavation, quarries and demolition work. Each of the connectors has a small detonator with a timed charge located within its body. They clip onto other shocktubes (up to six total), which ignite and travel to other tubes or the final explosive charge. This series of specific timed delays helps the trained blasting technician plan the progress of a blast, maximizing the amount of rock and dirt moved.

Contact:Jonathan Marks, IDSA: Credit:JAM-Proactive and Dyno Nobel Client:

DeWALT DW745 10" Compact Job Site Table Saw

The DeWALT DW745 Table Saw

 is an ultra-portable, compact and durable table saw intended for jobsite use by the construction professional. Because jobsite table saws are regularly transported to and from construction sites and are subjected to rough handling, durability and good carrying ergonomics are critical. This saw's durable steel roll cage, shock mounts and rubber feet make it ideal for withstanding jobsite abuse and frequent transportation. The small size and portability provided by the roll cage create optimal carrying ergonomics, and make the saw easier to pack into a crowded work van. The DW745 also boasts a patented rack and pinion fence and 16" rip capacity.

Contact: Robert Welsh: Credit:DeWalt Industrial Tool Company Client:

D51 EX/PX-22 Crawler Dozer

The D51 EX/PX-22's "super-slant nose" engine hood design represents the first time in the history of dozers that the entire top of the dozer blade is visible from the cabin at all times. This unique feature allows the operator to see objects that are very close to the blade, dramatically increasing safety and efficiency on the jobsite. This new design assures an improvement in fundamental dozer work parameters.

Contact: Hayato Kinoshita: Credit: USTC1, Komatsu Ltd. (Japan) and H&A Inc. (Japan) Client: Komatsu Ltd. (Japan)

12 Volt Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver

Designed with both the serious DIY-er and professional in mind, this innovative compact drill driver utilizes a patented combination chuck and clutch which enables users to easily fit into tight workspaces. The full-sized, 3/8-inch chuck provides the flexibility to use a variety of standard drill and driver bits. The drill's 12vcartridge-style lithium-ion battery boasts a longer run time and is integrated into the handle for improved balance and compact footprint.

Contact: Jason Swanson: Credit:Techtronic Industries, Concept Center (Hong Kong and US ) Client:The Home Depot®

Trimble® S8 Total Station

Survey equipment

 plays an important role in urban development. The Trimble S8 Total Station is a robotic laser instrument used in surveying, measuring and specialized engineering applications on construction sites, building sites and in city planning. Developed in collaboration with users in the field, the instrument makes it possible to measure, survey or monitor targets up to 40 percent faster than conventional motorized stations. Its unique features and specialized software mean it can be used in different setups, ensuring future flexibility and increased productivity.

"A holistic design, with every aspect of the product's use taken into consideration. From storage to transport to utility, the design embodies a high quality product in a rugged package."

Andrew Valentine, Student, Virginia Polytechnic University

Contact: Anna Stern: Credit:Propeller Design (Sweden) Client: Trimble

The RidgeRunner

RidgeRunner is designed to increase safety and efficiency for construction workers as they install wooden roof trusses. Placement of a truss requires a worker at the peak to align and brace it. Sold in pairs, the RidgeRunner is an aluminum brace that's fastened to the first truss on the ground, lifted by crane and then braced. A worker climbs onto the RidgeRunner, which has foot pegs, foam kneepads and storage for other truss braces and can then safely climb to the RidgeRunner installed on a second truss, where he positions a third truss. The worker then climbs truss-to-truss until all are set in place.

"The RidgeRunner heightens user safety at the construction site. How did a house ever get built without it?"

Sudhir Bhatia, Partner, Mosaic

Contact: Long View Enterprises, LLC: 920-349-3281 Credit: Brooks Stevens, Inc. and Long View Enterprises, LLC Client:

Speedglas™ SL (Super Light)

Speedglas SL is a welding helmet with an auto-darkening filter to protect the eyes. The world’s lightest welding helmet, Speedglas SL brings a new standard to eye protection and comfort for welders. The light weight reduces fatigue, stress and load for users carrying or using the helmet. For welders wearing the helmet all day, this means fewer work-related injuries.

"The Speedgas SL has a perfect balance between user-centered design, material innovation and an exciting armor-like form."

Sudhir Bhatia, Partner, Mosaic

Contact: Anna Romboli: Credit:Ergonomidesign (Sweden) Client:3M™ (Sweden)

RC 5500 Series Rider Counterbalance Lift Truck

The all-new Crown RC 5500 Rider Counterbalance Lift Truck sets new design standards for operator comfort, visibility and task support. Stand-up, counterbalanced lift trucks are workhorses, handling some of the most punishing heavy-duty applications in modern distribution centers. Used primarily for the loading and unloading of trailers, these lift trucks are capable of transporting pallets weighing up to 4000 lbs. and stacking them up to 20 feet high. In a typical work shift, the machines pound repeatedly over dock plates and negotiate the tight spaces of busy, crowded loading docks. To facilitate the frequent ingress and egress needed in this environment, the RC 5500 is designed with a flexible side-stance operator compartment.

"There isn't a detail overlooked. From operator comfort to environmental considerations, Crown's commitment to excellent design continues to define industry standards."

Andrew Valentine, Student, Virginia Polytechnic University

Contact: Roger Quinlan, IDSA: Credit:Crown Design Center and Design Central Client:Crown Equipment Corporation


The Transroller is used for handling heavy, cumbersome loads. For example, users can move things such as sheet materials in a safe manner and with significantly less effort than in traditional methods. The clamping feature, essentially a gravity-activated clamp on wheels, allows the Transroller to secure its load in place.

Contact: Mario Gagnon, IDSA: Credit: Stéphane Béliveau, Sébastien Lagacé, Jean-François Leboeuf, Jean-marc Ferri, Mario Gagnon, IDSA, Richard Paré, Julie Pettigrew, Christian Pilon, André Quévillon and Catherine Turgy of Alto Design inc (Canada) Client: Conception FLM Inc.