Commercial & Industrial Products

Parruda Self-Propelled Sprayer

This is an upgrade from the self-propelled Parruda Sprayer launched in 2000, which incorporates technological, functional and style enhancements designed to meet the requirements of agricultural input consumers. A slide door was added to the machine to facilitate cabin access and improve inner space use. Curved windshields also contribute to expanding inner space while enlarging the operator's vision field. Engine maintenance safety was also enhanced, thanks to the installation of a platform handrail. New headlights were fitted to increase nighttime visibility. New technology, including state-of-the-art features like a satellite positioning system, creates increased productivity.

Contact: Marcos Sebben: +55 47 3028-7767, Credit: Design Inverso (Brazil) Client: Montana Agriculture (Brazil)

Mega BRUTE Mobile Waste Collector

The Mega Brute is a 120-gallon capacity mobile waste collector used chiefly by office building and mall cleaning teams and sanitary maintenance crews. Easily maneuverable through small aisles and tight spaces, Mega Brute is designed to improve sanitary maintenance worker productivity through higher capacity collection, as compared to traditional 44-gallon or 55-gallon containers, while also easier to manage than a tilt truck. In addition, it offers facilities maintenance end-users tool storage, waste/recycling management and an ergonomic method of accessing the container. Mega Brute is the first-to-market container of its type addressing the needs of facilities maintenance professionals.

Contact:Donald Presnell, IDSA: Credit:Newell-Rubbermaid, Inc. Client:Rubbermaid Commercial Products, LLC

MC17 Mobile Computer

MC17 is a self-service wireless computer that enables customers to scan products as they shop, speed through checkout lines, view product information and receive personalized promotions. It enables an enriched shopping experience by providing a more direct, personalized connection between customers and retailers. While the MC17 was originally intended for use by customers visiting a retail establishment, the device is also serving a dual use as a productivity tool for store associates handling tasks such as inventory and queue busting. The product's market success is being attributed to the design team's leadership role in product definition and execution.

Contact: Mark Palmer, IDSA: Credit:Motorola Enterprise Mobility Business Client:

HFI200 Hands-Free Imager

The HFI200 is a hands-free, finger-worn, 2D barcode mass scanning tool designed for package sorters, package handlers, and other routing, distribution and warehouse personnel. The product incorporates an imager, bluetooth antenna, battery pack, index and middle finger interface, and audio/visual feedback elements.

Contact:Tim Sweeney, IDSA: Credit:Motorola Client:

eneloop Solar Cell Charger

N-SC1S is a solar cell charger with 2 angle settings to adjust to the sun’s position. Place this compact solar cell charger by your window where it can constantly generate power with its highly efficient single crystal Si photovoltaic cell, and save it in an internal Li-ion battery. Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries of sizes AA and AAA can be quickly reloaded. Solar power has been made easily enjoyable at home any day and any time by overcoming the problems of former solar technology. It is also equipped with a power outlet USB 2.0 port for you to enjoy various portable electronic devices.

Contact: Akihiko Oiwa: Credit: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Advanced Design Center (Japan) and GK Sekkei Incorporated (Japan) Client:

eneloop air fresher

This ultra-compact portable air purifier controls airborne viruses and allergens such as pollen and eliminates heavy smells such as cigarette smoke. It is usable anywhere, and it possesses superior air purification functions while being small enough to fit in a vehicle cup holder. Type number: CAF-VW10TG

Contact:Masao Horiuchi: Credit:SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Advanced Design Center IID DESIGN Labo. (Japan) Client:

DeWALT Corded Plunge Saw

The Plunge Saw slides on an aluminum rail allowing straight-line cutting of hardwood and softwood. It is primarily used by kitchen installers, shop-fitters and workshop cabinet makers to enable high levels of cut accuracy. The rail has rubber strips mounted to the underside, this keeps it fixed on the workpiece without the need for clamping. To provide optimum ergonomics, the over-molded handle articulates on a parallel linkage. This keeps the user's gripping hand at a constant angle and eliminates high stress movements of the wrist.

Contact: Sion Netzler: Credit: DeWalt Industrial Tool Company Client:

ZIPlux Remote Lighting Source Solution

This outdoor light

 totem uses remote lighting control technology. The light source is positioned at the totem's base and transmitted to the top by means of optical fiber cables. The Ziplux light totem allows angle control so that nearly 100% of the light beams can be focused at desired locations and glare is reduced. A single light source can illuminate different spots, thus enabling lighting in dark street areas and helping revitalize public spaces. Maintenance is performed on the ground without the need for trucks, cranes, scaffolds or ladders. This product can also produce electricity through photovoltaic panels and can work independently from the public electricity network.

Contact: Wagner Ferreira: Credit:ZIPlux (Brazil) Client:

Turntable Vehicle Barrier

The Turntable

 Vehicle Barrier (TVB) is a security device that opens and closes secure streets and roadways. Combining an industrial turntable with impact posts to stop attacking trucks, the TVB rotates within a street to provide access to approved vehicles. The TVB was conceived because of inherent problems with existing devices, which were originally designed for military installations, as well as the difficulties encountered when these devices were installed in New York's Lower Manhattan Financial District. The design team worked closely with the City of New York to meet the security requirements of the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Police Department and to create a device that is adaptable to be incorporated with the surrounding architecture.

Contact: Graeme Waitzkin: Credit: Rock Twelve Security Architecture, Macton Corporation and Rogers Marvel Architects Client:

Topcon GR-3 GPS Receiver

GR3 is a GPS receiver used

 by surveyors to establish an exact position on earth down to one millimeter, by tracking up to 36 satellites simultaneously. Its unique shape and component architecture offers many advantages: Two battery packs nest into an I-beam shaped magnesium chassis. These batteries are oriented vertically to provide a handle, but also to keep the center of gravity as close to the range pole axis as possible to provide good balance. The top is square so it won’t roll if leaned against a wall. GR3 is completely waterproof to withstand extreme weather conditions. The top bumper even overlaps the base so rainwater runs off the unit, keeping the controls and handle dry.

Contact: Dan Harden: Credit:Whipsaw Inc. Client:Topcon Positioning Systems