Commercial & Industrial Products

New Holland CX Combine

Client: CNH Global N.V.

Bringing forth the latest technology, while adding well thought out research and ergonomics, the CX Combine is the first model by New Holland to feature a modular program styling solution that maximizes component commonality of the styling panels. The combine also brought forward and joined New Holland's latest technology that include global positioning system capabilities, adaptability to field conditions and operator cab comfort.

"This product represents yet another breakthrough in the practice of industrial design, carrying aesthetics, function and pragmatism to products not normally devoted this level of attention. Congratulations to New Holland and its design source." — John E. Herlitz, IDSA

Contact: Russell W. Strong, IDSA,
Integrated Vision Inc.,

Credit: Integrated Vision Inc., New Holland (CNH) and Roush Industries

Pingtel xpressa Phone

Client: Pingtel Corp.

Making a design upgrade to the Internet telephony sector with their first IP phone product, Pingtel's xpressa phone takes advantage of Internet Protocol telephony technology, combining traditional phone references with contemporary design. The phone has an onboard computer that allows Java applications to be downloaded from the Web, making the phone instantly customizable.

"Office workers rejoice! One of the most important office tools is embodied in an expressive, ergonomic form that the worker can delight in for the long 40-50-60 hour workweek. Pingtel's IP Phone and first product launch is imbued with an intuitive interface layout that unites users with Java based IP features, high fidelity sound, and a professional style with 'attitude'." — Meg Hetfield, IDSA

Contact: Khari Gates,
Altitude, Inc.,
(617)623-7600 x238;

Credit: Altitude, Inc. and Pingtel Corp.

Dial Torque Wrench

Client: CDI Torque Products

CDI designed a better torque wrench by eliminating the chrome plating, lightening the weight, softening the edges and bringing the price point down. Using an internal steel skeleton for strength and cost savings, the Dial Torque Wrench is surrounded by a polycarbonate shell with a soft-feel grip. The instrument has armor around the drive and dial for durability and color breakup. The wrench is more accurate than its predecessor and the ergonomic grip makes it easier to use and improves safety.

"This is a great example of the power of industrial design at its best. The design team took a commodity product that has remained largely unchanged for generations and improved its functionality, made it more ecologically friendly (eliminated chrome plating, enabled recycling) and gave it a unique design language that reinforces the brand. I am absolutely smitten with this product!" -Charles L. Jones, FIDSA

Contact: Charles Davis, IDSA,
Tor Petterson Associates, LLC,

Credit: Tor Petterson Associates, LLC

StockMate ES Restocking Truck

More efficient way to manage cardboard, tool storage, cart storage and cart identification in a grocery store setting. Where two carts have been used before-one to carry product, the other to store used cardboard-now, only one is required. The hinged deck decreases platform size 35% for storage. Broken down cardboard cartons and refuse are stowed in an adjustable management system with a convenient area for tool storage. With the smaller width footprint the StockMate ES Restocking Truck can navigate almost any aisle.

Contact: Sylvia S. Montgomery,
Rubbermaid Commercial Products,

Credit: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Logitech Cordless Presenter Blue Tooth

Client: Logitech USA

This ergonomic hybrid mouse, pointer and slide application control uses Blue Tooth technology and packs all of the functions into a small space providing a meaningful, clear, coherent design. The shape of the Logitech Cordless Presenter nestles comfortably in the hand and one button allows the operator to toggle back and forth to each function.

Contact: Brian Stephens, I/IDSA,
Design Partners,

Credit: Design Partners, Ireland and Logitech, Ireland

Océ TCS400

Wide format, full-color inkjet printer is targeted to the CAD and map printing markets. Unlike other similar printers, the TCS 400 uses one side to load paper and the other side for print output. Printer designed to last 10 years with on-site upgradeability. Excellent brand communication; form resolution is elegant and simple; and controls on top of unit allow easy access. Production costs are lowered by using the frame as a cover.

Contact: Rob Zweerman,
Océ Technologies B.V.,

Credit: Océ Technologies B.V., The Netherlands

Wall Display with Ideaboard

Client: 3M

The Wall Display with Ideaboard combines the functions of the multi-media projector, video playback monitor, built-in stereo speakers, a direct print dry erase copy board and a digital white board. A hand-held remote and arm design allows a presenter to walk around without getting in the way of the board. Easy to reach, if needed. System works with both Apple and PC products. The uses are combined with an elegant multi-problem solution for presentation design and is ergonomically satisfying for a wide range of users.

Contact: Kit Morris, IDSA,
Design Edge, Inc.,

Credit: Design Edge and 3M

Maxim Sport Safety Eye Gear

Client: Aearo Co.

Maxim uses a two shot over molding of soft elastomeric material to create an innovative, dual-aspheric lens design on the Sport Safety Eye Gear. The product exceeds all required protection standards, even military. This eye gear adds style and layers of ergonomics and desirability with a great price point, $4.45. The design allows workers to have the 'designer' eyewear look, thus they wear them.

Contact: David Honan, IDSA,
Insight Product Development,
978.371.7151 x204

Credit: Insight Product Development

BAHCO Hacksaw frame 325

Client: Bahco Tools AB, Sweden

The hacksaw features a real front grip and both surface grips are rubberized elastomer-the meeting of ergonomics and the utility of putting a handle on the front. The product's mechanism allows for a high tensioned, centered blade. Color-coded tensioning lever and adjustment nut makes blade change visually understandable. The BACHO is a great example of how historic commodity products, such as a hacksaw, can be elevated by design.

Contact: Oskar Juhlin,

Credit: Ergonomidesign, Sweden, Bahco Saws AB, Sweden and Bahco Tools AB, Sweden

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10 Kilogram Demolition Hammer

The Demolition Hammer uses a revolutionary motor and crank position with double motor cylinder. The design translates inner geometry to the outer skin, creating a distinct manner. Over-molded handles for enhanced gripping combines with an internal dampening system to minimize the effects of vibration and noise. The Demolition Hammer uses adjustable electronics and allows the tool performance to be custom tailored to the job, minimizing ill effects of unnecessary vibration and noise.

Contact: Robert Welsh,
Black & Decker, Inc.,

Credit: Black & Decker, Inc.