Commercial & Industrial Products

FedEx Furniture System

Client: FedEx

FedEx was spending a fortune and wasting time to custom build service counters that were forbidding and inefficient. The kit of parts that ZIBA Design created is a modular furniture system that can be shipped anywhere and assembled on the spot. Its design is timeless and highly functional, serving as an important communicator of the brand's values.

"The FedEx Furniture System successfully solves many problems at once: providing a structure for enhanced productivity, saving costs and installation time and supporting a corporate mission. Ziba has done their homework developing a wonderfully detailed system that communicates a clear function and delivers. This system should meet its client's needs for many years to come." -Bill Becker, IDSA

Contact: Michael Francis,
ZIBA Design, Inc.,

Designers: ZIBA Design, Inc.

Photovoltaic Sunshade

Most sunshade systems are custom and expensive design options. Kawneer's pre-engineered system with built-in design flexibility is a balanced approach to cost and aesthetics. It can be packaged with Kawneer's popular curtain wall systems, to give architects and owners a single source for both products.

"This is a 'Green' product that is cost effective, easy to install and easy to service-a masterpiece of design! Every aspect of the product has been extraordinarily thought out, down to its seamless integration into the proprietary curtain wall. A single solution, capturing a multitude of objectives." -Bill Becker, IDSA, BDI/Becker Designed, Inc.

Contact: Richard Braunstein, IDSA,

Designers: Kawneer Company, Inc.

Compaq MP2800 Microportable Projector

Compaq says this tiny projector is a logical extension of its total computing solutions for the mobile professional. Measuring 115 cubic inches, well under the 420 cubic inches of other portable projectors, the Compaq model is also among the world's lightest at 3 lbs. and boasts the highest lumens or brightness per pound. Compaq stood its projector on end instead of the traditional flat design to eliminate keystoning and maximize image quality.

"When a presentation projector is executed as flawlessly as the Compaq, it becomes an integral part of the presentation itself, reflecting a level of professionalism and integrity that demands attention." ?Martin Gierke, IDSA, Black & Decker.

Designers: Compaq Computers

Contact:Phillip D. Prestigomo, IDSA,
Compaq Computer Corp.,

Credence Kalos XW Testheads

Client: Credence Systems Corporation

In the drab, beige world of the computer testing lab, this testhead looks as powerful, fast and high-end as it is. A heavyweight champion of chiptesters capable of testing 128 memory chips at once, it employs a double elimination process that tests chips in wafer form and again in circuit board assemblies. Testing the chips twice eliminates the bad ones prior to circuit board assembly.

"Few people will ever have the opportunity to appreciate the level of thoughtful design applied to this massive piece of testing equipment. Those who do will find a compelling solution that addresses every aspect of the user interface, and that elevates ordinary machinery to extraordinary heights." —Martin Gierke, IDSA, Black & Decker

Contact: Rob Veksler,
frog design, inc.,

Designers: frog design, inc.

X series Lawn & Garden Tractor

Client: John Deere Horicon Works

Given all the upgrades, space efficiency and the functional console design makes the X series Lawn & Garden Tractor an evolutionary winner. The utility vehicle caters to private and commercial users with one to three acres of ground care. In addition to traditional mowing application, the tractor tills, removes snow, plows, aerates and hauls. With hand and foot controls the tractor is for a single user.

Contact: Adrian van Hooydonk,

Credit: Designworks USA

QuickLatchTM Half-Mask Respirator

Client: Aearo Co.

The QuickLatch Half-Mask Respirator solves the problem for workers who need to remove welding helmets, hardhats, safety goggles, etc., while still wearing a protective respirator. The unit is an air purifying half-mask respirator incorporating an on-and-off latching system.

Contact: David G. Honan, IDSA,
Insight Product Development,

Credit: Insight Product Development

Prada Staff Device

Client: Prada

The Prada Staff Device is a portable scanner, designed to make technology less obvious and more in tune with the Prada environment. Designed for use as a precision tool, the device enables staff to access customer information and stock inventory, and it can be used as a remote control for the many display screens around the store. The units are recharged in a trolley that collects the devices at the end of the day.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO, United Kingdom, OMA/AMO, The Netherlands, Icon Nicholson LLC and Prada

Jack Mobile Caching Server

The Jack Mobile Caching Server is a wall-mounted wireless beaming port that uses infrared technology to distribute HTML-based content, database-driven information and third-party applications. By Peikwen Cheng of WideRay Corp.

Contact: Peikwen Cheng,
WideRay Corp.,

Credit: WideRay Corp.

Terabeam 7200 Optical Transceiver

Client: Terabeam

Terabeam 7200 is a laser-optical transceiver (transmitter/ receiver) used in tall buildings as a high-speed, large bandwidth data conduit. Terabeam offers an alternative to the high cost of rewiring with fiber-optic cable. By Oliver Grabes, Brady Olason, IDSA, and Fernd Van Engelen of TEAGUE; and Hal Brown, Eric Davis, Sean Driggers, Guy Fly, Steve Klein, Richard Riday and Lawrence C. Stapleton of Terabeam for Terabeam.

Contact: John Barratt, IDSA,

Credit: TEAGUE and Terabeam

Water-Gate Dam

The Water-Gate Dam's design innovation creates an instant dam that deploys itself automatically by flooding its self-supporting membrane equipped with vertical internal partitions. The dam can be installed in a relatively short time frame with a minimum of personnel and replaces the need for sand bags with an ultra rapid and effective method.

"The impact of Water-Gate Dam solution cannot be overstated. WGD is a clean, confident, organized solution for emergency flood situations that address the urgent and stressful nature of disaster situations. The efficiency of the design has a direct and positive impact on international public safety, property loss, and emergency funding." — Meg Hetfield, IDSA

Contact: Daniel Dery,
Megasecur Inc.,

Credit: Megasecur Inc., Canada.