Commercial & Industrial Products

Sears Shopping Cart Stroller

Client: Ohio Steel

Sears needed a cart to keep up with the competition. Since a significant portion of Sears customers are women with children, the new vehicle was designed to double as a cart and stroller with a stackable shape that provides a good view of the store and of a seated child.

Contact: Paul P. Kolada, IDSA,
Priority Designs, Inc.,

Designers: Priority Designs, Inc.

Motorola FlexPass Access Control Readers

Client: Motorola Inc.

Motorola's FlexPass secure door entry systems got a facelift that communicates solid security and safety yet remains approachable and inviting for the users who interface with these checkpoints several times a day.

Contact: Maureen Rathjens, Lunar Design,

Designers: Lunar Design

PE 4000 Series

Electric walkie/rider pallet trucks get a grueling workout in warehouses, where they are frequently used around the clock for the high-speed transportation, loading and unloading of palletized goods. This unit was designed to enhance operator comfort by minimizing pressure points and increasing the range of rotation.

  • New molded rubber steel door covers replace foam rubber covers that quickly wore out.
  • Mechanism is battery operated.
  • A support pole can hold several different accessories the user may need during operation, such as a clipboard and work lights.

Contact: Michael Gallagher, IDSA,
Crown Equipment Corp,

Credit: Formation Design Group, Inc and Crown Equipment Corp

Flex 4000 Premium Shears

Opening and closing their shears hundreds of times each day is wearing on not only the shears, but also the hairstylist who often develops repetitive motion disorder. A moveable thumb ring on the Flex 4000 allows the stylist to move thumb and fingers freely during the haircut, reducing or eliminating the possibility of repetitive stress.

Contact: Cindy J. Trawinski,
Fromm International,

Designers: Fromm International

Precision Air Assembly Tools

Client: Ingersoll-Rand Co.

Not only are these light assembly air tools more comfortable for the user, they are more economical to produce, making them winners all around. Each ergonomically designed tool offers comfort and control in a textured, soft-grip surface overmolded on a composite core.

Contact: Michael Solomson,
Group Four, Inc.,

Designers: Group Four, Inc. and Ingersoll-Rand Co.

Terabeam RPC/HPC Optical Transceivers

Client: Terabeam

This unprecedented product offered the ultimate design challenge - to go where no designer had been before. The terabeam is a revolutionary process that uses a laser signal instead of expensive and labor intensive cable to create a fiber optic network in a city. The optical transceivers that TEAGUE designed to connect users conveyed the kind of confidence that helped attract a half-billion-dollar investment from Lucent Technologies.

Contact: John Barratt, Teague,

Designers: TEAGUE and Terabeam

Dial Soap Dispenser

Client: Dial Corp.

It wasn't difficult to figure out what's wrong with public bathroom soap dispensers, but ZIBA designers did much more than clean up the problems. This sleek dispenser provides a hygienic experience for users and cleaning personnel. A patented dispensing mechanism prevents those plops and blobs from collecting on the sink and a translucent plastic enclosure lets cleaning staff see at a glance exactly how much soap is in the dispenser.

Contact: Michael Francis,
ZIBA Design,

Designers: ZIBA Design, Inc.

Lipton Brewed Ice Tea Dispenser

Client: Unilever Bestfoods, North America

Real brewed ice tea is one of life's simple pleasures and this dispenser conveys that message with sophistication. From its clean traditional stainless exterior to its familiar spigot, the dispenser's details help create the image of a low-tech experience. And it's a simple story for the operator as well. An automated cleaning process cuts down on cleaning time and because tea is brewed one glass at a time, there's less water wasted and no unused tea to dump.

Contact: Jeff Waffensmith,
Worrell Design Inc.,
952.946.1966 ext. 118

Designers: Worrell Design Inc. and Lipton Creative Resources

SB-200/SB-300 Transport Refrigeration Unit

Client: Ingersoll-Rand Co.

While tractor trailers became sleeker and more stylized, Thermo King's refrigerator unit was stuck in the design slow lane. This complete facelift dared to tamper with the rectangular-grid grill that had become Thermo King's trademark over the past 50 years. The resulting streamlined and organic design minimizes directional noise and maximizes visual impact. Gas springs and a slam-action latch were also introduced.

Contacts: Tom Flanagan, IDSA,
Thermo King Corp.

Designers: Thermo King Corp.

Alcatel 7670 Routing Switch Platform:

This compact system of networking equipment accomplishes a monumental task for Internet Service Providers with minimal impact. It's modular design makes it easy to service and flexible enough to keep up with the increasing demand to transfer larger amounts of data in a variety of ways.

"The project faced several challenging design dilemmas that were met with tangible and reasoned solutions that mold the system to the user. This well-thought out piece of equipment harnesses technological function with ergonomic form, while addressing usability issues that improve performance. Usability and technology are addressed with an intense regard to reducing the incidence of human error." —Bill Clem, IDSA, Strategix ID

Contact: Bevin Schmidt,

Designers: Alcatel, Canada