Commercial & Industrial Products

Square Terminal

Square Terminal is a powerful all-in-one handheld device designed for business owners looking for secure and reliable hardware that can handle all payment types and print receipts. It was built in-house by Square in 2018 to replace legacy keypad credit card machines. Square Terminal is the best solution for businesses that use their own point-of-sale device or manually key in a payment amount but want to process payments with Square. This elegant and intuitive hardware combined with Square’s secure payments technology accepts every way consumers want to pay—from dip, tap and swipe to mobile payments—so sellers never have to worry about missing a sale.

Designed by: Ben Chen of Square

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Phyn Plus

Phyn Plus is a smart water device that allows homeowners and property managers to conserve water and prevent damage from water leaks. Installed on the main water line, Phyn Plus continuously measures pressure and flow. Its AI identifies individual devices by their unique fingerprint of pressure and flow and delineates the use of water in detail, giving homeowners the information they need to make water-saving decisions. By tracking normal water use, Phyn’s AI is able to identify anomalies such as water leaks. The physical unit has an integrated shutoff valve that will interrupt the flow of water and prevent major water damage from happening.

Designed by: Thorben Neu of Ritual, Ryan Kim, Henry Chen, Jason Rosenthal and Brian Colby of Phyn

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Blackmagic Camera Control Panel

The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel remotely controls live cameras up to 2 kilometers away, allowing real-time adjustments to technical settings like the iris, shutter and color balance. Designed specifically for live productions like concerts and sporting events, it costs just $2,995, allowing simultaneous control of up to four cameras for less than a traditional single-camera system. The Camera Control Panel’s hierarchical layout of physical controls, organized into clear functional zones, ensures instinctive control of critical functionality. Bespoke multi-axis joysticks possess refined haptics for simultaneous single-handed tuning of iris and black levels. Unlike traditional controllers, it does not require desk installation, ensuring efficient, flexible set-up and exceptional portability. The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel has disrupted the conservative live broadcast industry and been adopted by Grammy-nominated artists such as the Pretenders and the American rock band Fall Out Boy on its worldwide Mania tour.

Designed by: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

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Airbow Framer

The Airbow® Framer is an untethered air-powered nail gun for builders in the residential and commercial construction industry. Airbow's power is realized through the Hammer Force Technology® valve actuation system, which allows the gun to direct 1 gram of compressed air into a single impact point to drive nails home each and every time. Airbow has no combustion system, on-board electronics, batteries or cords. It doesn’t require a charger, fuel cells or batteries. Using only compressed air, it delivers serious power.

Designed by: Geoff Suvalko and Aaron Pollock of ThoughtFull and Andy Coster, Bruce McCallum, Will Duff, Ian Paterson, Shiva Nand and Richard Evans of Hammerforce

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Quantix Hybrid Drone System for Agriculture

The Quantix Hybrid Drone System offers an end-to-end ecosystem providing actionable field intelligence for precision agriculture. The system includes a drone, tablet controller and robust software package that delivers real-time data analytics on crop health and crop yields.

Designed by: Paul Belik, Jeremy Tyler, Rip Rippey and Henry Won of AeroVironment and AWOL Co.


Verge with WashBar

Verge is an all-in-one handwashing system. The WashBar is a chrome-plated fixture housing touchless soap, water and a dryer. The Verge basin is made with Evero natural quartz. Engineered to balance airflow and noise, the dryer works together with the bowl to prevent water from spraying users and the floor.

Designed by: Sean Kim and Chris Murry of Beyond Design, Inc.

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The UNIVERSAL MULTI BAR allows elevator riders, regardless of age, gender or disability, to easily select and verify their desired floor. With the 3D indicator, users can easily identify the direction of the elevator regardless of where they are standing. The elevator can be called by pressing the knee button with a knee or by placing a foot on the foot button for two seconds.

Designed by: Jin Sung Lee, Jung Ho Bang, Sang Min Lee, Tae hoon Kim and Chae Woo Park of Hyundai Elevator


NCR Silver Quantum Commerce Station

The NCR Silver Quantum integrates many of the components of a point-of-sale solution that others forget: a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, loyalty scanner, payment device (chip, swipe and dip card), customer-facing display and USB hub. The NCR Silver software also provides business-management software, including inventory, staff management and reporting.

Designed by: Kwan Lee of NCR User Centered Design for NCR Corp. 


Mitsubishi Elevator Registry

This product is an elevator hall touch control panel equipped with a destination-oriented allocation system (DOAS). Users register their destination floors before boarding, enabling the DOAS to efficiently coordinate the movement of multiple elevators in response to the acculated demand.

Designed by: Satoshi Yamazaki of Mitsubishi Electric Corp.



The KUKA KR AGILUS II closes the gap in the field of high-performance small robotics in the electronics and automotive industries. It is also suitable for many applications in medium-sized companies. Different versions, installation positions, reaches and payloads make the AGILUS II a versatile precision artist with an accuracy of less than 0.0012 inch.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign and Valentina Antonovsky, Leander Eisenwinter, Benjamin Kuhl and Moritz Zasche of KUKA Robots