WARN Works® Utility Winches

Client: Warn Industries, Inc.

Known for high-end industrial winches, WARN Works® introduced a line of multipurpose winches for the retail market with a price and visual appeal to the handyman and recreational audience. The WARN Works® Utility Winch shows design sensitivity and balance as a technical-precision tool, while keeping the inherent machismo of the product; including the selection of finishes. The large controls are easily managed while wearing work gloves.

"I was immediately impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the design solution. The design is not superfluous or gratuitous or boastful. It is minimal, direct and appropriate. By carefully manipulating and balancing form, composition, proportions, textural details, contrasting materials and color, the designers have elevated a rather mundane, boring, utilitarian product into a robust object of desirability. (Think Arnold Schwarzenegger in a tuxedo.) The WARN Works® Utility Winches are an excellent example of how design can add immense value to even the most pedestrian products." -Jim Couch, IDSA, Principal, Substance.

Contact: Jacqueline Sella, ZIBA Design,

Credit: ZIBA Design Team