Terabeam 3200i Optical Transceiver (indoor)

The Terabeam is a solution to the common high-speed data transmission bottleneck that occurs in cities as a result of the speed and cost limitations of copper and fiber optic cables. The transceiver uses lasers to transmit and receive data at fiber optic speed and bandwidth levels without any costly infrastructure alterations. In the latest evolution of the Terabeam, designers responded to user feedback about previous models and minimized the device's impact on the office environment by significantly reducing its footprint and mounting it to the window pane.

Within this reduced shell designers also needed to develop a new optical layout and aligning mechanism in order to provide a broad enough field of view to ensure a stable data link. The design's zoomorphic aesthetic is non-threatening to users and differentiates it from the competition. The 3200i also represents a substantial cost saving over its predecessors, which has enabled Terabeam to market the product to a larger target audience.

"A well designed solution of an invisible function. Yet it communicates its function well." -Nasir Kassamali, IDSA, Owner, Luminaire

Contact: Fernd van Engelen,
Lakeside Product Development, USA,
425.424.2424 x18,

Credit: Lakeside Product Development; Terabeam