Surveillance Dome Camera WV-CS954

For companies needing advanced, reliable security management, this video camera accommodates multiple installation options (ceiling mount, ceiling suspension, ceiling embedding and wall mounting), is compact and easy to install. To ensure reliable results, it contains an automatic image stabilizer that eliminates blurring and an alarm that signals if the lens is covered, spray painted, removed or defocused, or if the camera angle is changed. The auto-focusing lens can be tilted up and down and pan 360 degrees. The camera also offers an auto-tracking function that tracks moving objects and keeps them centered in the field of view. Its simple, unobtrusive design enables the unit to blend into its environment yet it is immediately recognizable as a security device.

Contact: Masaru Tochishita
Panasonic Design Company

Credit: Panasonic Design Company (Japan)

Client: Panasonic