Search and Rescue CommVEST

The Nike CommVest was designed specifically for mountain search and rescue operations with a focus on pure function. The designers worked extensively with rescuers to understand their needs and the problems with existing equipment. As a result, the CommVest is the first such product to fully accomodate the actual activity of the user and how they interact with technology. In addition to cutting-edge waterproof/breathable materials, the designers utilized conductive fibers and smart fabrics in order to integrate essential radio functions into the vest.

The placement of the speaker and microphone near the collar maintains high audio quality at all times, and the oversized controls mean rescuers don't have to remove their gloves or unzip their jackets during use. The fitted form also keeps the heavy radio close to the body and positions it out of the way of other equipment. Since its release, the vest has seen immediate success among professional rescuers, and a consumer collection of jackets and bags using the same technology has followed.

"After decades of claiming that its clothing and gear improves performance, NIKE finally has a chance to take that challenge to extremes. The Search and Rescue CommVEST is designed to help teams working in the midst of calamity and chaos function with confidence, safety, and security. For smoke jumpers battling forest fires, rescue teams searching for survivors after earthquakes or tsunamis, this is apparel that can save your life-and the lives of many victims too. This is an impressive new design direction for NIKE and one they appear to be tackling with relish." --Larry Keeley, IDSA, President, Doblin Inc.

Contact: Shane Kohatsu,
Nike, Inc., USA,

Credit: Nike, Inc.