The RidgeRunner

RidgeRunner is designed to increase safety and efficiency for construction workers as they install wooden roof trusses. Placement of a truss requires a worker at the peak to align and brace it. Sold in pairs, the RidgeRunner is an aluminum brace that's fastened to the first truss on the ground, lifted by crane and then braced. A worker climbs onto the RidgeRunner, which has foot pegs, foam kneepads and storage for other truss braces and can then safely climb to the RidgeRunner installed on a second truss, where he positions a third truss. The worker then climbs truss-to-truss until all are set in place.

"The RidgeRunner heightens user safety at the construction site. How did a house ever get built without it?"

Sudhir Bhatia, Partner, Mosaic

Contact: Long View Enterprises, LLC: 920-349-3281 Credit: Brooks Stevens, Inc. and Long View Enterprises, LLC Client: