This full line of hydraulic rescue equipment helps rescuers extricate people who are trapped, such as in vehicle accidents. New features have reduced weight, increased efficiency and safety, and improved ergonomics over previous models. In addition, the use of industry standard connectors allows the tools to be fitted to most hydraulic pumps used by rescuers. The bold colors and polished surfaces, which reflect the company’s recent rebranding, help distinguish the tools from the competition. Since the line’s launch, sales have tripled.

“Powerful, capable, confident. Exactly the impression you want to project in an emergency.”
--Richard Eisermann, founder, Prospect

Contact: Boudewijn Soetens
VanBerloStudio's B.V.
+31 40 2929090

Credit: VanBerloStudio's B.V. (The Netherlands)

Client: RESQTEC Group (The Netherlands)