RC 5500 Series Rider Counterbalance Lift Truck

The all-new Crown RC 5500 Rider Counterbalance Lift Truck sets new design standards for operator comfort, visibility and task support. Stand-up, counterbalanced lift trucks are workhorses, handling some of the most punishing heavy-duty applications in modern distribution centers. Used primarily for the loading and unloading of trailers, these lift trucks are capable of transporting pallets weighing up to 4000 lbs. and stacking them up to 20 feet high. In a typical work shift, the machines pound repeatedly over dock plates and negotiate the tight spaces of busy, crowded loading docks. To facilitate the frequent ingress and egress needed in this environment, the RC 5500 is designed with a flexible side-stance operator compartment.

"There isn't a detail overlooked. From operator comfort to environmental considerations, Crown's commitment to excellent design continues to define industry standards."

Andrew Valentine, Student, Virginia Polytechnic University

Contact: Roger Quinlan, IDSA: roger.quinlan@crown.com Credit:Crown Design Center and Design Central Client:Crown Equipment Corporation