Rapidly Deployable Shelter

The Rapidly Deployable Shelter (RDS) is a line of large, rapidly deployable shelters for military use and crisis relief. It represents a new generation of tents based around the concept of a true deployable truss, using gears as a structural element. The size and scale of the components used resulted in an extremely durable, lightweight design capable of being set up in a fraction of the time of existing products. The RDS was designed to meet the strictest government test standards: it can withstand 65 mph winds, resist snow loads up to 10 pounds per square foot, and can be set up in minutes. A modular system, the RDS comes in several sizes, the largest of which deploys to 695 square feet and folds down to a to a 3' x 3.5' x 6' bundle.

Contact:Craig Holland: craig@hoberman.com Credit:Hoberman Associates and Johnson Outdoors Client:Johnson Outdoors' Eureka Brand Tents