Precor Cardio Fitness Display & Entertainment Options

The Cardio Fitness Display has simplified Precor’s add-on entertainment portfolio to a single display, screen mount, TV screen and audio controller. The system works with all of Precor’s commercial exercise equipment so users will have a consistent experience whether on a treadmill, elliptical, bike or climber. With the new streamlined interface, specific zones for programming, entertainment, data entry and bio-metric feedback allow users to quickly focus on the type of information they want. Reading a book or magazine won’t interfere either, since the placement of the bookrack doesn’t obscure key workout metrics and controls. The launch of this new line was a key driver in Precor's $40 million increase in sales to $350 million, Precor's fifth consecutive year of record revenues.

Contact: Brady Olason, IDSA

Credit: Precor, Teague, and Aegis

Client: Precor