Pingtel xpressa Phone

Client: Pingtel Corp.

Making a design upgrade to the Internet telephony sector with their first IP phone product, Pingtel's xpressa phone takes advantage of Internet Protocol telephony technology, combining traditional phone references with contemporary design. The phone has an onboard computer that allows Java applications to be downloaded from the Web, making the phone instantly customizable.

"Office workers rejoice! One of the most important office tools is embodied in an expressive, ergonomic form that the worker can delight in for the long 40-50-60 hour workweek. Pingtel's IP Phone and first product launch is imbued with an intuitive interface layout that unites users with Java based IP features, high fidelity sound, and a professional style with 'attitude'." — Meg Hetfield, IDSA

Contact: Khari Gates,
Altitude, Inc.,
(617)623-7600 x238;

Credit: Altitude, Inc. and Pingtel Corp.