Pandora Pogle Evolution

Client: Pandora International Ltd.

The Pandora Pogle Evolution creates a flexible and customizable digital film post-production controller into one unit. It controls several monitors and up to six rack-mounted servers. The new control surface allows every task to be controlled by either right or left-handed individuals and the most important elements-the three illuminated trackballs and Wacom tablet-are combined in a central location. To create additional space on the control surface, the existing keyboard was placed on an optional floating tray with a wireless version.

"It is not often that a workplace is made elegant, comfortable and stimulating by the equipment it contains. The ergonomic layout, functional sophistication and customizability of this design make the creative control of complex technology intuitive and productive." -Charles Burnette, Ph.D., IDSA, Director, Graduate Program in Industrial Design, University of the Arts.

Contact: Miles Hawley, I/IDSA,
PDD Ltd.,

Credit: PDD Ltd., UK

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