MX Fuel ROCKET Tower Light/Charger

The MX Fuel ROCKET Tower Light/Charger is a portable 10-foot cordless indoor/outdoor jobsite light. It easily rolls across rough terrain or across pan decking. The motorized light mast can be extended in seconds to a height of 10 feet and collapse to 44 inches. Once positioned, outriggers can quickly deploy, providing stability on uneven surfaces. Four multidirectional LED light heads cast up to 27,000 lumens of high-definition lighting. The LEDs will never need replacing. When powered by the MX Fuel XC406 battery pack, the tower runs up to 10 hours on one charge and can use an extension cord for all-day operation while charging any MX Fuel battery.

Designed by: Ross McIntyre and Roque Corpuz Jr of Milwaukee Tool, Lighting & Lifestyle Industrial Design Studio

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