Macor Revolutionized Wrench

The Revolutionized Wrench provides exceptional user ergonomics, comfort, control and torque through an innovative design that offers a 500 percent larger surface area over traditional wrenches. The wrench heads and outer handles are perpendicular to each other to provide maximum grip area when applying force. However, there is no planar rotation in the wrench handle to interfere with grip or comfort. In addition, the outer handles have a thin profile to ensure the accessibility of each wrench head to a work piece. Professional users will particularly benefit from this new ergonomic design by experiencing less repetitive stress and fatigue problems. In addition to seven patents, the Revolutionized Wrench has received numerous industry awards and much media attention, including a commendation from the National Arthritis Foundation.

Contact: Richard Macor, IDSA

Credit: Proprietary Technologies, Inc.