Leica BLK2GO, the first wireless handheld laser scanner

This wireless handheld imaging laser scanner nearly captures its surrounding environment, including the structures and objects in it, as the user walks around holding the device. It then takes those dimensions and turns them into accurate and colorized 3D point clouds that form a complete dataset. The scan data is easily displayed on the companion iPhone app, giving a 2D top view and 3D point cloud rendering in real time. The captured data can be easily exported for registration and processing. This device is ideal for anyone who needs to accurately scan a space or object, especially hard-to-reach places, or needs more speed when scanning than traditional terrestrial scanners offer. The primary target audience for the product are architecture, engineering, and construction professionals; media and entertainment pros responsible for scouting locations and creating immersive virtual reality experiences; and professionals who work in the preservation of historic architecture and archaeology.

Designed by: Dr. Burkhard Boeckem of Hexagon and Matthias Weiser of Leica Geosystems

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