Johnson Controls 9100 Series Environmental Room Control Sensors

Client: Johnson Controls

 SpA, Italy

This product family of commercial HVAC sensors and room controllers was designed in response to the company's identified need for a new product line that conveys quality, reliability and accuracy and is suitable for use in both the American and European markets and a wide array of commercial applications.

Following extensive research, the design team succeeded in developing an innovative new line that offers greater accuracy, improved response times, a simpler and more intuitive user interface, quicker installation times, backwards compatibility, improved reliability and a thinner form factor. For users, the large analog-style adjustment dial provides greater accessibility and ease of use than the keypad-style controls and is one of the factors that differentiates it from competitors. That, along with its low maintenance requirements and the improved response time to adjustments, will be a key market success factor.

"This is a great improvement over the industry's 10-year reliance on programmable thermostats--most of which are crammed with features that utterly baffle users. The design here seems elegant and self evident and a potential game changer." -Larry Keeley, IDSA, President, Doblin, Inc.

Contact: Gabriele Bartell,
Design Continuum, USA,

Credit: Design Continuum Italia