GOT 2000 Series Programmable HMI Display Units

Featured Finalist

Programmable human-machine interface display units (HMIs) are devices used to operate and monitor production lines and other such systems. Beyond factory automation (FA), they also are used as control panels for interior environmental control and similar equipment. The GOT 2000 Series products pursue operability from the perspectives of the equipment and facility designers, and their users. They help raise work efficiency throughout the product cycle, and help reduce total costs.

The GOT 2000 Series also has a high degree of affinity with Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment for improved productivity. The MELSOFT GT Works3 screen design software can create attractive, easy-to-use interfaces tailored to applications. The series covers 8.4", 10.4", 12.1" and 15" sizes, in dark grey and white, to support a variety of application environments.

Designed by: Toshihisa Ogura, Takanori Miyake & Keisaku Fukuda for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation