Geko G100 - Automatic Wall Putty Grinding Robot

The Geko G100 is an intelligent wall-putty grinding robot that uses automatic path-planning and obstacle-avoiding technology. The grinding module was optimized with an adjustable rotational speed and grinding area. It features a powerful vacuum cleaner that can capture dust to increase worker health and the air quality of the surrounding environment. The high-quality carbon steel improves its structural strength and withstands the harshness of a construction site. The control system monitors its status and improves grinding efficiency through multi-machine scheduling. As a smart, environmentally friendly grinding robot, it complements the construction industry’s trend toward automated, intelligent technology.

Designed by:  Xin Li, Huihuan Li, Mingjie Wang, and Minliang Kang of Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co., Ltd. for Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd.

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