FC4000 Series Sit-down Counterbalanced Electric Lift Truck

Crown Equipment Corp. wanted to set a new standard in ergonomics, create an innovative design and simplify serviceability in the fork lift market. The FC4000 Series Lift Truck shows a marriage between function and aesthetics that reveals the company's commitment to total design, including an attention to detail and choice of material. It is used to keep goods and materials flowing through the warehouse, distribution centers and the like. The Lift Truck incorporates ergonomics, visibility and high performance to make loading and unloading of palletized goods easy. Major components are arranged to be easily accessible and all protective covers can be rapidly removed with minimal tools.

"Simple, clean, well-executed details, totally designed...this truck can stand alone in front of the building, rather than in back of the warehouse. The designers brokered a high-level marriage between aesthetics, functions and beyond. Choice of materials and forms are highly tuned to communicate usability and quality. This sets a new standard for this category." -Tom Matano, IDSA, Director, Industrial Design Department, Academy of Art College.

Contact: Michael P. Gallagher, IDSA,
Crown Equipment Corp.,

Credit: Crown Equipment Corp.