Dyno Nobel Super EZ Connector - Precision Timing Detonation System

Dyno Nobel's Super EZ Connectors form the attachments of a precision, non-electric, timed detonation system used in blasting. They link together shocktubes, a type of specialized fuse which burns at a rate of 7000 feet per second. The connectors are used in industries wherever blasting occurs, such as mining, excavation, quarries and demolition work. Each of the connectors has a small detonator with a timed charge located within its body. They clip onto other shocktubes (up to six total), which ignite and travel to other tubes or the final explosive charge. This series of specific timed delays helps the trained blasting technician plan the progress of a blast, maximizing the amount of rock and dirt moved.

Contact:Jonathan Marks, IDSA: jmarks@jamproa.com Credit:JAM-Proactive and Dyno Nobel Client: