Dial Torque Wrench

Client: CDI Torque Products

CDI designed a better torque wrench by eliminating the chrome plating, lightening the weight, softening the edges and bringing the price point down. Using an internal steel skeleton for strength and cost savings, the Dial Torque Wrench is surrounded by a polycarbonate shell with a soft-feel grip. The instrument has armor around the drive and dial for durability and color breakup. The wrench is more accurate than its predecessor and the ergonomic grip makes it easier to use and improves safety.

"This is a great example of the power of industrial design at its best. The design team took a commodity product that has remained largely unchanged for generations and improved its functionality, made it more ecologically friendly (eliminated chrome plating, enabled recycling) and gave it a unique design language that reinforces the brand. I am absolutely smitten with this product!" -Charles L. Jones, FIDSA

Contact: Charles Davis, IDSA,
Tor Petterson Associates, LLC,

Credit: Tor Petterson Associates, LLC