Crown WT 3000 Series Pallet Truck

The Crown WT 3000 Series of electric of pallet trucks combines robustness, performance and operator comfort. The Crown Access 123®, AC technology and e-GEN® braking system lower operating costs and improve energy efficiency. The FlexRide® suspension system provides riding comfort during trailer loading and transport, and the optional weight-adjustable FlexRide® platform reduces impact shock to the driver.

"Like magic. Just when you thought Crown had already done everything that could be done in pallet trucks, they created this cost efficient modular system that can transform into a multitude of different configurations depending on the customer’s needs—all with breakthrough features for safety and rider comfort.  Just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!" – Davin Stowell, IDSA, IDEA 2011 Jury Chair, Founder and CEO of Smart Design

Credits: Markus Graf, Jim Kraimer and Mike Gallagher of Crown Equipment Corp. and Ryan Berger, Thornton Lathrop and Rainer Teufel of Design Central

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