Crown TSP6000 Turret Stockpicker

Turret trucks are designed to operate in the narrow aisles of high-throughput warehouses with rack heights up to 38 feet, spaces where conventional lift trucks are unsuitable. With the TSP6000 Crown wanted to again dominate this market sector it once pioneered. After assessing how this market has evolved, the design team determined that a radically reconfigured design was required. Turret operators can now perform a wider variety of tasks with increased comfort, confidence and security. The TSP6000 offers both a front-facing and side-facing seat position, previously only available in separate truck models, to address different styles of warehousing. Reconfigured controls enable the operator to simultaneously operate all truck functions with intuitive ease. In the first six months of production, the Turret gained a 120 percent increase in market share.

Contact: Jim Kraimer, IDSA
Crown Equipment Corp.

Credit: Crown Equipment Corporation,
Formation Design Group,
Ergonomic Systems Design, Inc.,
Substance Design Group Ltd.,
and Design Central

Client: Crown Equipment Corp.