The Crinia voice conference system provides superior acoustics with a high-end corporate aesthetic. At the core of the design is the unique adaptive echo cancellation algorithm that provides clarity three times better than other systems. Four microphones equally spaced around the base of the cylindrical Comm Tower capture and filter sound and reduce background noise. The tower also projects sound horizontally for a full 360 degrees of coverage. Conversations can be recorded and stored as MP3 files, and a remote control, rather than the telephone keypad itself, operates the device. Gone too are the masses of tangled cables and unsightly holes in boardroom tables. CRINIA’s sophisticated geometric curves, metallic surfaces and light rings produce a striking modern form. With the success achieved in the Australian market, CRINIA is poised for a global launch by 2007.

Contact: Caroline Prentice
Design + Industry Pty Limited
+612 9555 1166

Credit: Design + Industry Pty Limited

Client: Tresmine (Australia)