Credence Kalos XW Testheads

Client: Credence Systems Corporation

In the drab, beige world of the computer testing lab, this testhead looks as powerful, fast and high-end as it is. A heavyweight champion of chiptesters capable of testing 128 memory chips at once, it employs a double elimination process that tests chips in wafer form and again in circuit board assemblies. Testing the chips twice eliminates the bad ones prior to circuit board assembly.

"Few people will ever have the opportunity to appreciate the level of thoughtful design applied to this massive piece of testing equipment. Those who do will find a compelling solution that addresses every aspect of the user interface, and that elevates ordinary machinery to extraordinary heights." —Martin Gierke, IDSA, Black & Decker

Contact: Rob Veksler,
frog design, inc.,

Designers: frog design, inc.