Blackmagic Camera Control Panel

The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel remotely controls live cameras up to 2 kilometers away, allowing real-time adjustments to technical settings like the iris, shutter and color balance. Designed specifically for live productions like concerts and sporting events, it costs just $2,995, allowing simultaneous control of up to four cameras for less than a traditional single-camera system. The Camera Control Panel’s hierarchical layout of physical controls, organized into clear functional zones, ensures instinctive control of critical functionality. Bespoke multi-axis joysticks possess refined haptics for simultaneous single-handed tuning of iris and black levels. Unlike traditional controllers, it does not require desk installation, ensuring efficient, flexible set-up and exceptional portability. The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel has disrupted the conservative live broadcast industry and been adopted by Grammy-nominated artists such as the Pretenders and the American rock band Fall Out Boy on its worldwide Mania tour.

Designed by: Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

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