The BDR100-20 is a mobile construction-waste recycling system. It crushes, screens, meters, mixes, presses, molds, and palletizes construction waste, quickly transforming it into different types of bricks. The bricks are suitable to use on-site for the garden and nonbearing walls. It features a high degree of automation. Each unit can cover five to six house construction sites. This one-stop recycling process can bring considerable economic benefits to users. By repurposing construction waste, it saves disposal, recycling, and transportation costs. The negative-pressure dust collection system, coupled with the vibration-based breaking and vibration-damping features, minimizes its impact on the job site and local residents. 

Designed by: Rumiao Liu, Mingjie Wang, and Minliang Kang of Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co., Ltd. for Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd.

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