Client: e2v technologies, United Kingdom

The Argus 3 Thermal Imaging Camera is an excellent example of how good design can be a matter of life or death. New and improved technology necessitated the redesign of the original Argus camera, an infrared imaging system that allows the user to see through smoke and total darkness. In order to fully understand the needs of the end-user, the design director undertook comprehensive firefighting training, which led to making accessibility and compactness priorities in the redesign. The Argus 3 includes two handle options that make the camera easy to pass to colleagues in difficult situations and a high contrast interface designed for use with heavy gloves.

  • The new design ensures a low profile when hanging close to the hip or chest to better enable crawling.
  • Ergonomic design removes stress from users' wrist
  • User-removable elements allow the camera to adapt to any situation

"This product packages advanced technology into a modular, simple housing based on real needs and the difficulties of saving lives in the harshest of environments. What product could be better?" -Gordon Bruce; IDSA, Owner, Gordon Bruce Design LLC

Contact: James Lamb, Alloy Ltd, United Kingdom +125.27.12000,

Credit: Alloy Ltd, United Kingdom and e2v technologies, United Kingdom